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Using Artwork as a Starting Point for Selecting Color Palette

January 4, 2020

Isn’t it so difficult trying to find a new color palette, especially for your own home?! One of the best ways I have found for a starting point is your artwork:

blue art

I have been looking online for new art for over the sofa, but nothing has been exciting me.  Then I found, (in our basement in a pile), this print I already own that I think will work well. I love navy and it is my common color throughout my home. I wanted to find a new color to bring in and I since I love pink so much and it is in the artwork……Read More

Using Artwork For Color Inspiration

February 2, 2013

I have been working with a young couple who just moved into their first apartment. They already have an amazing collection of artwork for a couple so young:


They took this photo above while they were on vacation in Greece. They loved it so much, they had it blown up and then separated into three separate pieces of art to hang over the sofa.

They asked for help choosing a wall color that would work well with their artwork and other furnishings. Another key player in selecting a color for the living room was this vibrant colorful rug:


Which is bright and colorful (and happy!) and so we must work it with when selecting a color. Notice their sofa is neutral so it did not play much in the initial color selection process.


So where did I begin to search for a color for the walls? I started with the artwork that will be up against the wall.


What color comes to mind when you look at the photo? Blue water, right? But you do not want to pick a blue match for the walls because you do not want the picture to get lost and blend in with the walls. You want a color to be a background to the beautiful artwork which is the star of the room.

What color did I zero in on? The color that I suggested was a soft, blue gray. Gray is modern, clean and a great neutral. And it looks fabulous with all of her black picture frames:

photo (5)

And then every gray I found that would work with the artwork, I would make sure it was also working with the rug:


I love the colors in this rug, don’t you? Many of the colors are too bold for the wall (and to work with the art), but great for choosing an accent color in the room!

These are the Benjamin Moore shades of gray, listed in no particular order, that I think will work well in their room:

Gray Owl OC-52:


Gentle Gray 1626:

click to view full size


I love all of these shades of gray! They are all beautiful grays that will work in the room, they just have to choose which shade they love best. They are going to live with the samples a few days in their space until they make a decision. I will keep you updated!

Which would be your favorite color to use on the walls with their artwork?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.