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Big Girl’s Bedroom

May 29, 2013



I recently completed an online design plan for a mom who’s daughter will be celebrating her thirteenth birthday in June. Mom wants to surprise her with a new bedroom look while she is off visiting her Dad for the weekend. We started with the duvet cover she found at Pottery Barn:



Isn’t it so pretty? Mom contacted me because she wondered if she should paint the walls in a white or beige because there is so much color in the bedding:



Definitely not beige, because we are working with a white background in the duvet (clean vs. dirty). Plus, I think painting a white on the walls would make the bed stand out too much in the room. We want a wall color that will enhance the colors of the bedding:



There are a lot of colors to choose from in the duvet! But since the room is going to be for a young girl, here are a couple suggestions I thought of right away:

Ben Moore Faded Violet CSP-455:

faded violet

Ben Moore Pinot Grigio Grape CSP-460:


Ben Moore Santa Clara 753:

santa clara

Ben Moore In The Tropics CSP-640:

in the tropics

Ben Moore Spa Day CSP-635:


I always give suggestions of colors that might look close in color because the next step is important where the home owner has to pick up samples and see which shade is working best with the actual fabric. Mom did not want to even look at lime greens which would also work. So we narrowed it down to these few choices and now it is her turn to see which color works best. I also gave her a safe color:

Ben Moore Nimbus Gray 2131-50:


A beautiful color but remember this is a teen’s room! I think we need some personality on the walls!

I am excited to see which color she chooses. I would love to help pick out other accessories for the room (mirror, little chandelier, artwork). Hint, hint!!

Which color do you think will look great on the walls with her bedding? I know she will be happy with any of the choices!

If you need help choosing paint colors for your home, contact me today.

Pottery Barn 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

September 6, 2012



Thirty five colors were chosen to be in the Pottery Barn new Fall/Winter Collection. All colors are from the Benjamin Moore Aura Collection. Here are a few of the new colors I thought you might inspire you:







And a few old favorites:





There are a few beautiful grays chosen this year:




I did notice that quite a few of the rooms in the Pottery Barn catalog are again painted with Decorator’s White I-04:




This is one of my favorite colors in the collection:





Such a pretty blue!



This is the first I have seen Pottery Barn add colors from the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Palette:

image       image   image

image   image    image

Aren’t they beautiful? We have to start using these gorgeous Color Story colors! They are just so perfect. Plus, we need pictures of rooms in these new colors!



Have any of these pictures inspired you to try a new color? Have you used any of the new colors from the Benjamin Moore Color Stories? To see all of the new Fall/Winter 2012 Pottery Barn collection, visit here.

If you need help choosing color for your home, contact me today.

Sofa In Front Of The Window?

April 24, 2012


When it comes to rearranging the furniture at a client’s home, I always seem to have a hard time convincing clients to put the sofa in front of the window:


They are worried that the sofa will cover up too much of the window and block the view. But if you think about it, the average sofa is only 32″ inches tall and measuring up from the floor that is not going to cover much of your view or window.



I actually think it brings your eye over to the view and makes the outdoors the focal point of the room:



Here is a great example I found this weekend in my own home: When we first moved into our NH home a couple years ago, I placed the chairs facing the window to sit and look outside:

Makes sense right? But this weekend my new sofa came in (yay!) and against my family’s wishes, I put that sofa right in front of the window!:


It is amazing how much the room opened up and feels so much more welcoming. And I love sitting so close to the window and looking out (yes, the red rug is going).


So if you are thinking of rearranging your furniture in the living room, try putting the sofa back against the window to see if you like the look in your room. I am so glad I tried it. I really love walking in the room now because it feels so open and welcoming with a gorgeous mountain background.

Do you agree that the sofa looks lovely facing into the room? It is such a welcoming space now. I love it!

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Decorating a Round Coffee Table

April 9, 2012



A reader recently wrote and asked if I would please share some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a round coffee table.


There are no set of rules as to what is a right or wrong way to decorate. Many times it only requires patience and plenty of trial and error to get it right. As with any other decorating rule to make a space inviting and beautiful, always take the rest of the room into consideration as well as the size of your table. For example, if you are working with a small coffee table:



You would not want to overwhelm the top with too large or too tall of an accessory that would throw off the balance. And the opposite holds true for decorating a large round coffee table- keep your accessories on the larger size. But the most important key in decorating your table is that you like the look.


Everyone has different tastes and styles (thank goodness!). Someone might love one decorated tabletop when another person will think it is not so great. Who cares?

Here is my coffee table right now:


But it can easily be changed. Start with a clean, empty tabletop. Then I begin with my tall item first(be sure it does not block view of tv):


And I always like to use a couple books to add height and dimension to the arrangement:


Then I start to add accessories with different heights and interest:


And then I always add an accessory that I love and that means something to me, (mine is a favorite bird I picked up from a vacation in Cabo, Mexico) :


That’s it! I love the finished look and that is what is most important!


Remember that it takes patience and plenty of trial and error to get it right sometimes. Just step back and take a look to see what else you might need to add or need to take away.

Here are a few more inspiring photos to get you started:


I love to see trays being used to decorate tabletops:




Pottery Barn

I hope I have helped give you some new ideas and inspiration for decorating your round coffee tables. I have noticed a lot of my clients are requesting the round coffee tables lately instead of rectangular. Which do you have in your home?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today

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Creative Bedroom Accessory

March 28, 2012

pb pillow

Pottery Barn

Lately, when decorating a bedroom for some of my clients, I have shown them how a simple body pillow can become an impressive decoration to their bed:

It is not an original idea, but I do not see them used very often:

Look how this pillow below made the whole bed into a statement piece:

One reason I love these pillows is because it gives many different options for finishing the bed:




The actual pillows are easy to find online and at stores such as Target and Wal-Mart for only about $10.00 each. It is the body pillow case that is hard to find anywhere. I understand that these pillows are supposed to be used to cuddle and sleep with, but I just want to decorate with them!

Since I could not find any attractive covers to purchase, I bought an (ugly) cover and copied it with some spare fabric I had:


Very easy to sew up the sides and end with a zipper or even ties to close:


These pillow cases above from Pottery Barn have since been discontinued. Since my clients seem to love them so much, I have asked my seamstress to make me a few that I will offer for sale. She can make the nice edging and buttons and other decorative touches that I just can not do. More on that later. Here are just a couple prints we are thinking of using:




Don’t you think they really dress up and finish the bed?  A  very creative statement for the bedroom!

I have also seen these long body pillows on sofas:

But I do not like the look as well on a sofa- I think they are too large and awkward to arrange on a sofa or a chair.

Do you use these body pillows for decoration? Don’t you think it is a great idea to use for layering?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

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Looking For That Perfect Sofa

February 1, 2012

Pinned Imagepinterest

Looking for a new sofa has been a mission of mine for about a year now. The more I learn about design and the more pictures I see, the more confused I get!

Pinned Imagepinterest

Part of me wanted to go for a beautiful green sofa:

Which is a great neutral color for a sofa, but in the end, I decided to go with a light and airy look.

I tried looking at a few furniture stores but nothing was interesting me. And then one day it hit me as I was looking through a Pottery Barn catalog:


Pottery Barn

I love this look! I love the clean lines, the freshness, the idea of a neutral sofa that I can just change up the pillows and give the room a whole new look.

pb2Pottery Barn

I knew I would not feel comfortable buying a sofa online without trying it out. So I went to visit a Pottery Barn store with a ton of questions. And boy am I glad I went!


Too many choices! I tried sitting on a few different styles and was able to knock quite a few off the list because they were very deep cushions (such as the Carlisle Collection) and I knew I did not want that.


What I did know was that I wanted a sofa where the legs of the couch showed to make it more formal. I also knew that I love the rolled arm look and I wanted the brushed canvas in Natural. So here is my new sofa:

View in Room

It is from the Buchanan Upholstered collection. It comes in both a sofa size (87”) or an apartment sofa size (79”). I am going to measure next to see which size will fit best. Here is the space where it is going:


I love pictures of rooms where the sofa is placed up against the windows. The walls in my living room are currently painted Ben Moore Honeymoon which was pretty but now that I know so much more about color, I am changing the wall color to a soft white. Painting the walls white will let your eye continue on through the windows to the outside instead of stopping at the yellow walls.

 This is my inspiration photo:

inspir.photoHouse Beautiful Glass House

Isn’t it beautiful?? Comments? I will keep you up to date!

If you need help making your home beautiful contact me today.

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