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A Few Project Updates

August 14, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer. Instead of a post about one subject today, I wanted to share a variety of smaller projects going on over here:

*  I have been chipping away at our large home painting project. I took a rainy weekend to finish the upstairs hallway:

before hallway

after hallway

before hallRead More

Finishing Touches On Bath Update

September 8, 2015

Did you all have a nice long Holiday weekend? Any projects completed? I finished up in my master bath with all the fun details and accessories:

new bath

Remember that little brown table in the room?:


Well I had fun painting it with Chalk Paint® . I do not think I will ever go through all the work again, with only so-so results by using regular paint to paint furniture. Chalk Paint® is so easy and the finish is suburb.



After painting with three coats of Pure White and two coats of Provence on the drawers. Then a coat of clear wax and that’s it!:


No priming or sanding involved when using chalk paint. I did have to refresh myself back to my post on instructions here, using the Chalk Paint® . After you paint, (letting dry approximately one hour between coats) you then apply the wax. I used the clear wax for this project. Then after waiting 24 hours to dry, I polished and buffed for a beautiful finish:

new table

I really love how it came out! (except for the crooked toilet paper photobomb)

I knew the room was going to be a challenge because of the existing tub and tile that could not be changed at this time. By painting the walls a color that worked with the tub and then adding splashes of a bold, modern color, (turquoise), the room has a more updated and beautiful look:


I think it came out so well it should be named ‘Bath Of The Month’. What do you think House Beautiful Magazine? 🙂


Don’t give up hope on those existing items you can not change. Work with them and it will all work out beautifully.

I even changed the knobs from Target, for only $40.00 total. I love the way they change color in the light. Before:

drawers before

After with new hardware:

after drawers

close up

If you need help updating your bath, contact me today!

Online Coral & Aqua Bedroom Design

October 8, 2014

[pinterest]I recently completed an online design plan for Carol on a new bedroom design that she said I could share. She is recently divorced and was looking for a beautiful and feminine bedroom to come home to.

I found a coral fabric that we used as a starting point for the room:

coral fabric


So pretty! Carol wanted white bedding, so she is going to use this fabric as a duvet folded at the bottom of bed and possibly even window panels.

She already has a bedroom set that we incorporated in our plan:



I gave her a couple different wall colors to think about and she decided to go with Benjamin Moore Simply White:

simply white

Fabric for pillows on bed and on new white chair:

aqua fabric2



A beautiful new mirror for over the dresser:

round mirror


And here is Carol’s new bedroom design board:

Carol Design Board

We love it! Coral and aqua is such a pretty color combination. I also suggested finding an old dresser that she could paint in a soft aqua color. Carol promised to send after photos which I will be sure to share with you!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

Barn Sale and Kitchen Update

September 22, 2014

[pinterest]One of my very favorite restaurants closed recently. It was our special place that my husband and I loved going to. They served the best shrimp scampi I have ever had anywhere.  The name of the restaurant was The Thompson House Eatery in the little town of Jackson, NH:


The husband and wife team recently decided to close the restaurant. I am happy for them because they are going to enjoy life more now. And, they are having barn sales every Saturday! We went this past weekend and look at some of the good stuff we found:

barn sale

What good deals we found and the prices were unbelievably low. The large blue jug above was only $5.00. I love it! The wooden box my husband found is handmade and sold for $3.00. The bag of vintage matches sold for only $1.00.

Here is our favorite treasure we found that day:


Isn’t it beautiful? It has glass shelves and the sides are also in glass. I wish the hutch was with it, but we have a few good ideas for this piece. And the price- $30.00. Wow!

And look at this great bookshelf we found:


It is in great shape and well made. I have been looking for the perfect idea for this kitchen wall and this is a great starter piece! Did you notice the paint sample chips already? I can’t wait to paint it. Such a great find. Oh… and it was only $15.00. I know!

Our new blinds have been installed in our kitchen that I spoke about here:



They look great and keep that strong sun out. I think it is looking good so far. And I have decided which fabric window treatments I am going with and I am looking at fabrics now. I love fabric, do you? And my one finished little corner:


Makes me smile every time I walk in. Have a great day everyone!


If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

Antique Table Paint Transformation

June 12, 2013


My friend was nervous about painting her first piece of furniture with the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), so she asked me if I would assist her. We found this beautifully detailed old table at a yard sale for only $50.00:



She chose the color Cream, which is a soft pale warm creamy yellow:


You can see she did not wait for me to get started! 🙂 She decided to paint the chest in Cream, without giving it the distressed look, by painting it smoothly with just the Cream color:


The details of the piece are amazing! Here it is after two coats:


We both loved the color:


Pretty as it was, she did want the details to stand out a little more. My friend Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage, made a few suggestions and we decided to try a sample of the Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster by Aloha Coatings:


Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements® creates an opulent and luxurious finish. Once applied, the finish will resemble velvet with a shimmering pearlescent vibrancy. Pearl Plaster is a low VOC coating that will adhere to any properly primed and prepared surface.

So we painted on the two coats of Cream, waited until that dried and then applied the Pearl Plaster to select detail pieces and let dry for an hour. Then we rubbed on the Chalk Paint® Clear Wax. After 24 hours she buffed the chest to a beautiful shine. Here is the finished product:


Do you see how the details stand out with the Pearl Plaster? So beautiful!


This color Cream works really well with her wall color Benjamin Moore Storm AF 700. Storm is a pretty gray that depending on the light in the room, can look very blue at times.

Now that my friend has tried the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), she agrees that it is a very easy way to make old furniture look beautiful. Have you tried using the Chalk Paint® yet? I can’t wait to finish my bedroom mirror now that I have ordered more paint. Weekend project!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

Fresh New Drawers

April 15, 2013


Over the years, we have accumulated a few old dressers along the way:



I have thought about painting, but I really like their history and character. Do you see the keyholes in the drawers? Pretty cool and unique:


Remember the post I wrote here wondering if I should paint or not paint this piece? I decided not to paint over. Once it is done, there is no going back and it really is unique and beautiful:


But one thing I do not like about the old chests is the old, musty smell in the drawers. I might care about the history of the outside of the dressers, but I do not want to know the history of what was in those drawers before:


I tried drawer sachets and pretty lined paper:


But that does not work. And since I have been going through paint withdrawals(no painting projects lately!), I decided one way to get rid of that musty smell would be to paint the inside of the drawers. Yay paint project!


Using a pretty paint color leftover from another painting project, I choose the color Ben Moore Riviera Azure for a beautiful surprise every time I opened up the drawer:


I had this blue left over from painting the guest room a few years ago:


I did not sand or prime, just wiped out the drawer clean before painting:


Now I have pretty, fresh smelling drawers!


That was my fun and easy project for this past weekend. Did you work on any projects?