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Trending: Mustard Yellow Both In Fashion & Home Décor

March 7, 2020

Interesting color, isn’t it? Reminds me of a Fall color, but I have been seeing this color everywhere in clothing and home accessories!  A richer version of yellow, mustard adds warmth to a room without being too loud or bright. In many ways it can be treated the same as a neutral like beige or cream.

Mustard yellow and navy board

mustard sofa2


mustard lamp


The colors are not as bright as normal yellow but nice if you want to add bright colors into your home that still feels warm. Read More

Beautiful Color Combinations You May Not Have Thought Of

August 16, 2013

lavender & aqua


Looking for a unique color combination to use in your home? Would you have imagined the room above looking so beautiful with a combination of lavender and turquoise? I absolutely love this room!

I love the mustard and fuchsia together:

mustard,gray and fushia


mustard and fushia



What do you think of teal and orange together?

teal and orange


teal and orange2


I would not think of putting pink and red together:

red and pink


But I think it really works! Not my style, but it must put a smile on everyone that walks in.

Look how beautiful turquoise and coral work together:

coral and aqua


aqua and coral


turquoise and coral


And emerald and coral:

emerald and coral

Tobi Fairley

I think this room is stunning using taupe, turquoise and red accents:

taupe,turquoise and red

Tobi Fairley

Hopefully I have given you some new ideas for color combinations. Unique and beautiful! Have you seen any unusual combinations lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!