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High Contrast With Oak Cabinets

September 22, 2013

oak cabinets with gentle cream


I received an email yesterday asking if I had any suggestions of a good white that would work with oak kitchen cabinets. As I stated here, I do not suggest choosing whites with woodwork because of the many different undertones of white, (you do not want to mix a pink undertone white with yellow cabinets because the two different undertones will clash together) and also because of the high contrast between the cabinets and the pale wall:

oak cabinets


See how much contrast you see between the walls and the cabinets when you choose a lighter color?

If you prefer the drama of high contrast between the walls and the cabinets, I would suggest instead of looking at whites, look at creamy beige paint colors that will work well with the oak.

oak cabinets2


You will still have the contrast, but not as stark and obvious as a white wall color:

oak cabinets3


Warm neutrals, such as Benjamin Moore Powell Buff and Monroe Bisque will work well.

I hope this helps give you more color options for your kitchen if you have oak cabinets. If you like the high contrast between the wood and the walls, use a beige color with yellow undertones for the right mix.

oak and beige


Here is a picture of another color that works with oak cabinets:

gray and oak


Dark gray! I love the oak wood with medium to darker wall colors as shown here. This color looks like Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

My favorite wall color I still suggest most often when working with oak cabinets, is a medium to dark green that warms up the wood:


Do you like the look of high contrast in the kitchen? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Warming Up With Neutrals

July 10, 2012


A few months ago, I received a call from a homeowner who needed help choosing colors for her home. Pat, the homeowner, had many collections in her home that she has made and also collected over the years:

013 (2)

All of her furnishings were in great condition and were going to stay. This made my job easier since I just had to select colors for existing furnishings with my large color samples from Maria:

july72012 283

We started in the living room and I used the largest upholstered piece in the room to begin looking at colors. Pat and I had decided at the beginning on the consult that we were going to use warm, soft neutrals to bring everything in the room together and also to highlight her collections.

Living Room before painting:


Living room after painting with BEN Moore Monroe Bisque HC-26:


See how the room looks softer? Monroe Bisque is a soft, yellow beige that matches perfectly with the cream flowers in the sofa.


If you are seeing green on the walls in the photos, you are not mistaken! Depending on the light and time of day, Monroe Bisque can look green at times.

Pat carried the Monroe Bisque into the hallway:


Here is a before picture of a sunny breakfast room:


After painting with Ben Moore Palladian Blue HC-144:


Such a pretty room! I suggested using a large mirror on the wall across from the window to open up the room and bring the light in.

Below is a picture of the den before:


And after painting Ben Moore Santorini Blue 1634:

IMG_1142 (2)



So pretty after painting:


Below is a before and after picture of one of my favorite rooms in the home. I used the quilt on the to select the color for this room. Guest room before:


Guest room after:


We used ben Moore Georgian Green HC-115 (one of my new favorite colors!). See how the wall color just makes the whole room come together? That is the magic of paint!

Thank you so much Pat for sending me the pictures! I love to see the after photos after a color consultation. I hope you all enjoyed! What a difference a little paint can make!

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.

How to Bring Your Basement to Life with Color

March 8, 2012

Pinned Image

Candice Olson

Selecting paint colors for the basement is a bit more difficult than the traditional upstairs rooms. Lighting is a big negative factor in the majority of basements (notice all of the ceiling lights in both the above and below pictures). Usually there are not many windows in a basement and this makes the space darker and hard to select colors that will not look ‘dirty’ or ‘dull’ or too dark on the walls.

Pinned Image


I recently helped a client select colors online for her basement area which the family wanted for a space for the family to ‘hang out’ and watch TV, play video games and entertain. I noticed these beautiful four decoupages (one for each season) on the wall:

Basement Remodel 001

I wanted to bring out dresses in the pictures so the I suggested she try both Palladian Blue and Wythe Blue against the pictures to see which looked best. She fell in love with the Palladian Blue and here you can see why:

basement remodel 2012 017

The artwork looks beautiful against the blue. This color also works well with the wood flooring and bookcase. She also had another large room downstairs that she wanted to choose colors for. Of course we had to be sure the color flow between the two rooms worked well.

Basement Remodel 013

basement remodel 2012 018

I gave her a couple suggestions to try and she decided on Benjamin Moore’s Monroe Bisque. Look how beautiful the wall color came out:

Basement Remodel #2 003

Notice above that she painted the Palladian Blue behind the bookshelves to tie the two rooms together. (good readers live here!)

Look how well the palladian blue and monroe bisque are working together:

basement remodel 2012 032

Basement before:

Basement Remodel 005

Basement after:

basement remodel 2012 041

And the best was what she wrote about me:

“I was struggling with selecting paint colors for our basement remodel. In fact trying to make the decision was taking all the fun out of creating a beautiful, new space for our family. I began searching the Internet for ideas and fortunately for me, I found Kelly Bernier’s website. Kelly was a pleasure to work with and took all the stress out of the paint selection process. She suggested using a color from the artwork in the room and the results were fabulous! Her knowledge of design and the use of color is very impressive. We are very pleased with the results and will be calling upon her decorating talents in the next phase of our remodel!”  Marsha Jaeggi

A happy client is a happy Kelly! Makes me so happy when the client is pleased with the results. Do you see how paint can totally transform a room?  It does not even look like a basement anymore. Your thoughts?

If you need help selecting the perfect colors for your home, contact me today.

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Benjamin Moore’s Top Searched Colors

October 20, 2011

This week on Benjamin Moore’s facebook page, they posted a collection of colors that are the most online searched. And the winner is…..

Shaker Beige HC-45:

House Beautiful

This list from Benjamin Moore is again a list full of neutrals. In my post Top 20 Selling BM Paint Colors for 2010, I noticed the list was all whites and neutrals. It really surprised me until someone pointed out that it probably was paint that was bought for trim and doors. That makes sense. I’ve also listed the entire list of runner up colors with photos below. Are any of them surprising to you?

linen white 912:

Marzia620: Home - Bedroom in Linen White and Cream - bedroom, white, cream, linen decorpad

  • manchester tan HC-81:


Don’t you love to be able to actually “see” photos of the rooms painted before you make your decision on which color to choose?

  • monroe bisque HC-26 :


                white dove OC-17:

Benjamin Moore Natural Cream Walls, Trim is White Dove- houzz

  • bleeker beige HC-80:


  • revere pewter HC-172:

C.B.I.D. Home Decor & Design

  • navajo white 947:


  • lenox tan HC-44:


  • hawthorne yellow HC-4:

Are these some of the colors you have searched lately? Just be aware of the undertones my decorating friends!

And Benjamin Moore’s 2012 Color of the Year:


wythe blue HC-143.  Such a beautiful color.

If you need help with choosing paint colors for your home, contact me today.

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Choosing Neutrals Like the Pros

August 25, 2010

Since I have been in design for about 20 years now, I have seen a lot of colors go in and out of style.  But when talking about neutrals, not much has changed at all. Such as the colors below that are as popular now as 20 years ago.



Even after all these years, 95% of the time, color experts still go straight to Ben Moore’s Historical Colors.

Classic Colors® Fan Deck
Ben Moore Classic Color Fan Deck

Why?  Because they have proven over time to be colors that are a collection of time-honored hues comprising their most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.

Healing and Barsanti
Healing and Barsanti
Many designers go right to the historical collection also because although we have played with and experimented many different colors, the collection has proven over and over to be winning colors voted for and used by many.  Why?  Because they provide good backgrounds and serve to unify diverse color palettes.
House Beautiful

Neutral colors help to put the focus on other colors or serve to tone down colors that might otherwise be overpowering on their own.  See how in the photo above, the fireplace is the focus in the room?  

Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi
Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi


This is an example of how a neutral background works best  by not competing with the main colors of the room.

In my post about my favorite neutral colors here, all of my favorite neutrals were pulled from the historical collection.  In my article ‘Top Selling BM  paint Colors for 2010, most all colors are also from the same historical collection.

Erin Martin
Erin Martin

So next time you begin searching for that perfect neutral color for your home, take a look at Ben Moore’s Historical Colors first knowing that they are proven winners and used by many experts.

Do you have a favorite neutral color you want to share with us?

If you need help making your home happy and comfortable, contact me.