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Revere Pewter With Oak Cabinets?

April 16, 2015

A reader recently wrote asking if I thought Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter paint color works well with oak cabinets. Here is a nice example I found on Houzz:

oak cabinets


I think it works very well in the room above which has the oak cabinets. Since I could not find other photos online, I took my large color sample to see how it looked with the lighter stained wood:

revere and oak

revere and oak 2

revere and oak 3

I think Revere Pewter and the light wood work well together. The green undertone in the paint and the yellow undertone in the wood are playing very nice together. I also like the combination of Revere Pewter with the darker stained wood:


revere and wood

revere and wood2

One reason I have always loved Revere Pewter is because it is such a versatile and adaptable color. If you have noticed, a room that has been painted in Revere Pewter and the room has a lot of sunlight, the walls will read more gray. In lower lit rooms, the  Revere Pewter walls take on more of a beige color:

gray revere pewter


beige revere pewter


And another big reason that I love Revere Pewter is because it works with most all other colors. Such a perfect color! So yes, Diane, I think Revere Pewter works well with oak cabinets. But be sure to sample in your lighting! Such an important step because the paint color will look different in the day and the night lighting and you want to be sure you love both!


Another Reason I Love My Large Color Boards

December 7, 2014

maria color boards


My 11” X 14” painted, sample color boards are an invaluable color tool for me and my business. Not only for myself to see the colors and undertones well, but also for showing the large samples to a client so they can see right there, right then that you are choosing the perfect colors for them. This weekend I had a color consult that the client requested a color palette of three colors that would flow together well on the first floor of their home.

Without my large samples, I would be showing the client this:


Instead of this:


So much easier to see how well the colors will work together on the larger boards! Another example:


One more example:


This was two of the larger sample boards, Coventry Gray & Stonington Gray, put together to find a third color that will work well with color flow.

Do you see how much easier it is with the larger samples? I think I would have been an average color consultant without my large samples. But with the large, painted color boards, I feel confident like a color superstar!

I can not say enough good things about the boards if you are serious about selecting the right paint colors as well as finding the right color flow. If you are interested in learning more about the color boards, read here.

Beautiful Appleton

July 13, 2012

Every once in a while, I come across a great color and product that I am so pleased with I want to spread the word!


I have found another such color in my travels. Remember my post about California Paints here? California paints contacted me and asked if I would like to do a color project together. I was just getting ready to paint my office so the timing was perfect!


The reason I chose this blue-green color is because in all of the pictures of offices I have seen painted, this blue-green color was always my favorite:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


After I sampled the paint, I decided to also use this color to paint the ceiling. While looking at the color, I wanted to make it a little lighter, so I mixed the Appleton color with white (half and half ration). When the paint dried, you could easily tell that the ceiling is a little lighter than the walls. This is a look that I really love. Here is my office painted in California Paint Appleton:


Isn’t the color so pretty? I added a few accessories to show you how well the Appleton works with so many other colors:


I was recommended to use the interior latex ‘Super Scrub Interior.’  The product has exceptional stain resistance, superior stain release and unparalleled performance and durability. To be perfectly honest, the paint went on so smoothly. Really nice. Dried quick too!


If you can picture the BM color Palladian Blue with a cross of the BM Wyeth Blue, that is a very close representation of the CP Appleton. A little less green than the Wythe Blue but a little more green that Palladian Blue. Doesn’t that color sound perfect?!

So if you are looking for the perfect blue-green color for your walls, try California Paint Appleton. You will thank me! Do you think you will give Appleton a try? It is color tested and looks beautiful!

If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.

Front Door Personality

May 29, 2012

Don’t you love the character of a beautifully painted front door?

Outrageous Green SW6922:


Ben Moore wythe blue HC-143:

Just painting your front door can turn your so-so entrance into a stunning accent. A reader recently wrote and asked if I could list a few different color selections for a front door with the color name listed. She did not mention what type of home she has (brick, white, etc),  so I have listed a few of my favorites I have seen recently:

BM pomegranate AF-295:

Benjamin Moore

BM white opulence OC-69:

white opulence

Or how about Ben Moore baby seal black 2119-30:


2114-10 Bitttersweet Chocolate:

Painters Place

Look how pretty this Valspar’s Eddie Bauer Home in Full Sun color:

Young House Love

Front Door firenze AF-225:

Craftsman bungalow painted in gray Benjamin Moore exterior paint

BM dolphin af-715:


Benjamin Moore’s Cayman Lagoon 2046-30:

turquoise door

House Beautiful

Love this one!!Benjamin Moore’s Dark Purple:

Make It Pop!

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4:

I think this is my favorite! Ben Moore’s #2067-20 starry night blue:


I have a mirror I painted the starry night blue. I love it. . This color does have a lot of purple undertones so just be aware of that if you decide to use it.

Ben Moore tarrytown green HC-134:


When researching for front door colors with the paint names listed, I came across a recent blog from Maria Killam that posted a few great paint colors:

Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007:

Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8:


So pretty! Click here to see more of Maria’s Ten Best Front Door Colors.


Can you tell I love blue?  Which is your favorite? Just be sure to test your samples as if you were painting an inside room in your home!  Be sure the color works with your existing exterior colors and your hardscaping.  Look at the color in the harsh sunlight as well as at night to be sure you love before you paint!

If you need help choosing color for your home, contact me today.

Top Five Tips to Understanding Beige Undertones

October 26, 2011

Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O’Hara Interiors

1) Determine the undertone. All beige colors have either a red/pink, yellow, green or orange undertone. Period. That’s all you have to understand and learn. The color examples I have chosen below have very obvious undertones to help you ‘see’ the color underneath.


stonehouse 1039  red undertones         shelburne buff hc-28 yellow undertones


Lady Finger  1045 orange undertones                      manchester tan hc-81  green undertones

2) Remember to Compare. The easiest way to see the undertones in beige is by comparing the color to another beige that you know the undertone is either red, yellow, green or orange. Illustrated above are good examples of the undertones. Pick up a sample of each and carry them with you to help you compare to each other.

3) Understand the color red. The most difficult beige undertone to work with is:


Red. Those red undertones just do not play well with others! Especially pinky beige with yellow beige because the yellow beige ends up looking ‘dirty’ next to the pinky beige. I have found the best colors to work with a red/pink beige are browns, cream and dark blues.

House Beautiful

4) Know which undertones to mix to create a unified room. To create the best put together, coordinated look when mixing undertones is to keep the red undertones with red undertones, yellow with yellow, green with green and orange with orange undertones.


5) Practice makes perfect! The good news is that after you learn what is not working in a room with the undertones, you will be able to correct the mistake. Take a look at your carpet (is it a pinky beige?) and compare it to the beautiful Powell Buff that you painted your walls. Now that you have learned that pinky beige and yellow beige do not work together you can easily ‘fix’ the whole rooms looks by changing the wall color to a pinky beige also, such as shaker beige hc-45.

So I hope this helped you understand beige colors and their undertones better. If you want to be a color superstar like me, 🙂 you have to take Maria’s True Color Expert workshop!


Wrong Bedroom Color Choice

September 10, 2011

07-06-10_BalsamDrive017 (2)

Above is a photo of a bedroom that I painted and decorated a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty good, but I always felt that something was “off” and I just could not figure it out. Can you see it? :

, nh bed 001

Does this picture below help?: Hint: The headboard is not the key item you should be focusing on in your bedroom when choosing wall colors.

, nh bed 002 

The most significant item in your bedroom you should be working with in choosing a wall color (and its undertones) is your bedding. Your comforter is the largest, most considerable sized item in the room. right? So now can you tell what is not working in this bedroom?:

sunset, nh bed 016

Answer: The yellow bedding is clashing with the pinky beige of the wall and headboard. When you are trying to pull your entire room color scheme together, there must be a relationship between your wall color paint and the colors of your fabric, flooring, woodwork and accents. I had chosen a red undertone wall paint to go with the chocolate brown headboard. Very bad- but in my defense, this room was painted a few years ago before I had taken Maria’s color course! 🙂

Did you also notice that the walls and bedding are a clean/dirty combination? The beige wall color looks dirty and muddy next to the clean and bright comforter:

, nh bed 001

Solution?  I think the easiest way to fix the room so that the colors flow together is to change the bedding. Maybe something like this:

or how about this beautiful green:

Well, I better get shopping. Macy’s is having a huge bedding sale!

I would love to hear your comments!

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