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Barn Sale and Kitchen Update

September 22, 2014

[pinterest]One of my very favorite restaurants closed recently. It was our special place that my husband and I loved going to. They served the best shrimp scampi I have ever had anywhere.  The name of the restaurant was The Thompson House Eatery in the little town of Jackson, NH:


The husband and wife team recently decided to close the restaurant. I am happy for them because they are going to enjoy life more now. And, they are having barn sales every Saturday! We went this past weekend and look at some of the good stuff we found:

barn sale

What good deals we found and the prices were unbelievably low. The large blue jug above was only $5.00. I love it! The wooden box my husband found is handmade and sold for $3.00. The bag of vintage matches sold for only $1.00.

Here is our favorite treasure we found that day:


Isn’t it beautiful? It has glass shelves and the sides are also in glass. I wish the hutch was with it, but we have a few good ideas for this piece. And the price- $30.00. Wow!

And look at this great bookshelf we found:


It is in great shape and well made. I have been looking for the perfect idea for this kitchen wall and this is a great starter piece! Did you notice the paint sample chips already? I can’t wait to paint it. Such a great find. Oh… and it was only $15.00. I know!

Our new blinds have been installed in our kitchen that I spoke about here:



They look great and keep that strong sun out. I think it is looking good so far. And I have decided which fabric window treatments I am going with and I am looking at fabrics now. I love fabric, do you? And my one finished little corner:


Makes me smile every time I walk in. Have a great day everyone!


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Great Wall Color For Light/Medium Kitchen Cabinets

July 10, 2014

[pinterest]Kelly Bernier 5 14 kitchen

Five years ago, when we first moved into our new NH home, all the walls throughout the home were plasterboard white. Loving color, I wanted to paint the walls right away to make it my home. I was in love, like everyone else at that time, with the warm Autumn color palette:



Around the same time, Benjamin Moore introduced their new Affinity colors and I fell in love with the color firenze AF-225:


A very warm and neutral terracotta color. Our kitchen cabinets are maple which is a close color neighbor to oak. Look how nice this color works with our wood cabinets:




The terracotta color enhances the wood tones. I have always loved the combination.

Kelly Bernier 5 14 diningrm

Now we are starting a kitchen redesign. New countertops, new backsplash and now I want new paint! I really looked and thought back and forth if I should change it because it worked so well. But, everything else in the kitchen is going to be new, so why not a new wall paint color?

I never hung window treatments above because I could not find fabric that I loved enough. Someday, (right, Mike?) I would love to put a banquette against the back wall and flat roman shade window treatments in a coordinating fabric.

So if you have been looking for a paint color that will work well with your light to medium wood kitchen cabinets, give firenze or another terracotta color a try!

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Speak Up! The Contractor Doesn’t Always Know Best

June 8, 2014


Remember when I wrote here about my new granite counters when the installer told us that we had to have a four inch backsplash of the granite going up the wall? Well, I am so glad I researched it and then wrote a blog about it, because he was so wrong!

I assumed my so called granite expert knew what he was talking about. He has been installing counters for over 20 years. I told him at first how I wanted the backsplash tile all the way to the counter- no granite backsplash. He told me that was not a smart idea.


I am so glad that I stepped back a minute and though about it. Don’t rush me making such a big decision! After reading all of the helpful comments on my blog, I told him how I wanted it done, which was the right way.


So when your contractor//builder/painter/husband is pressuring you to make those big decisions, step back and do a little online research and also look at photos on Houzz and Pinterest. See all the different options on the ways it can be done, not just one. Then YOU make the choice and let him know what you want.


You will not regret it. Don’t let people intimidate you into decisions. They certainly do not always know what is best.

I hope you like how my kitchen redesign is coming out! Mike is doing a wonderful job. Still a lot of work to be done but it is getting done my way!

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