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Inspiring Ideas For Kitchen Counter Styling

August 3, 2019

Looking for a fresh look in your kitchen? Sometimes just mixing things up and rearranging items on the counters can make a huge difference:

kitchen mcgee


Start by taking EVERYTHING off of your counter tops. Then add your appliances you need to keep out and then style it pretty!

kitchen mcge


Accessories such as chairs in a wood grain is a beautiful textural element in the kitchen especially if it is all-white kitchen. Also use wooden cutting boards in various shapes and sizes for a beautiful look:

kitchen boards


And a simple tray works well corralling in your smaller items. I posted about kitchen decorating with trays here and here:

kitchen tray


You can bring life into any kitchen by adding a potted plant or fresh flowers to your counter:

kitchen greenery

Or succulents:

kitchen succulents


Or a little herb garden:



My best tip when styling is to be sure not to add so much that the counter top looks cluttered. Love this simplicity, don’t you?:

kitchen Tips-For-Styling-Your-Kitchen-Island_


It allows you to have room and space to spread things out to cook and work on.

Cookbooks can be a great way to bring a little bit of color into your kitchen too!





cook book




A collection of vases at varying heights is an easy and inexpensive way to make a statement. They look so nice with a mix of flowers in the kitchen, (and everywhere else too!)

clear vase


clear vases


Another great way to bring softness into the space along with window treatments is with pretty kitchen tea towels:

kitchen tea towels


Hope this gave you a few inspirational ideas to use in your home. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make it beautiful for you!

And yes, I do use affiliate links at times and if you purchase anything, I make a little profit. A win-win for both of us!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Kelly xo

Kitchen Decorating Idea

June 21, 2014


I have always thought that finding the right accessory for the kitchen island was challenging. Everything looks either too small or too large. I love fresh flowers, but that can get expensive. So I usually group a few items together to get the right proportion of accessories for the size of island.

The other day, just messing around, I thought about trying a tray to keep everything together. So I took my tray from the living room:


And changed out a couple items to look more kitchen-y:


Don’t you think it is a pretty good idea to use a tray for the island? I have seen a lot of kitchen photography over the years, and I have never noticed a tray being used. Easy to lift and move everything out of the way at once. And I think I will use the tray a lot more being in the kitchen to carry and hold stuff.

I really like this tray I had bought for the ottoman. I had looked a long time for one before I found one I really liked:


And since I already looked forever for this perfect tray, I am getting the same exact one because I like it so much! Target.

target trayvia

The size works well for my island and I like that the wood tray ties in with my cabinets.

Genius! haha Give it a try in your kitchen, I think you will really like the idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Ideas For That Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

July 16, 2013

kit cab9

I completed a Resale Ready consultation with an issue that I wanted to share. The best advice I feel I gave the homeowner’s that day was this:

faux kitchen

Please get rid of the faux greenery above the kitchen cabinets! I did not know people were still decorating this way:

faux kitchen2

If you are a reader of my blog and like to read good decorating tips, this is very important- Get rid of all faux greenery above your cabinets. The greenery look is outdated and unfortunately will not make your kitchen show well. We are moving toward a more simple and clean, uncluttered living environment. This includes your kitchen.

Now that we have covered what not to use, what are some ideas that would work? You can always add crown molding to the top of cabinets for a clean, undecorated look:

above kitchen

I love the look of the openness:

kit cab8

kit cab2

I  also like the idea of soft lighting along the top the cabinet, don’t you?

kit cab6

You can purchase rope lighting at your local hardware store and run across the top of your cabinets to get the same look.

If you would prefer to decorate with accessories, treat the area as any other flat surface in your home and style vignettes:



Use different object sizes and heights (build up smaller items with books or small boxes). Or, if you are only going to use a few items, make sure they are large enough to gain attention.

kit cab3

kit cabs

This is a new and one of my favorite looks:

kit cab4

All the way to the ceiling! Beautiful.

kit cab7

I hope I have given you some ideas to use for that space above your kitchen cabinets. I think the less to dust is best also, don’t you?

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