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Online Living Room Design Plan

April 21, 2012

Jonathan Adler

Recently an online client wrote and asked if I could help her with a design plan for her living room working with a color palette she fell in love with. She found this combination at designseeds.com :

Italian Colors

I also love these colors! So pretty. I found a couple pillows at crateandbarrel.com and here and there online that I sent her. I wanted to see which see loved best to get a better sense of her style:





And the winner for favorite pillow:

She had a white sofa (easy to work with!) and this is the design plan I presented her:

blue lr

She was very happy with everything and is going to purchase the items over time.  I just wanted to share with you!

Have a great weekend my friends!

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It’s All in the Details Baby!

July 20, 2011

unique-living-rooms-main.jpgJonathan Adler

What makes a home happy?  I think it is the little details you add (or take away) from the room to make it special and yours.


Paying attention to the little things, such as switch plates:

2011 05 24 010

Look at that!  Please learn from me. Paint those switch plates the same color as wall or they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Lampshades:  Time to update them? Just carry them to the store with you to be sure you get the right fit.  Take a look at yours- are they straight with the seam in the back?  Little details.

Steven Gambrel

Is your art work hung correctly?  For height, I usually bring in down three inches from where I think it would be right. Works every time. What is wrong with these pictures?


If you have a pair or set of prints, bring them together with only 2” apart to make them more of a statement.

Did you know you are supposed to have a black object in every room? By adding a black element such as a black box, a black picture frame or other black accent, you clarify and enhance all the other colors in the room.



Another detail we should all be aware of is having a place to rest your eyes in the room. You should leave some empty wall space so your eyes are not overloaded!  I also follow the design rule that states that any wall less than 36” wide should be left empty to avoid looking cluttered. That especially goes for between the windows!



Flowers!  I know, I know but they make such a big impact on detail!



And my favorite ‘detail’ that I always am sure to include?  At least one item per room that you love, vintage or new, quirky or silly, that makes you smile when you look at it. That is what makes a home happy!


It’s all in the details my friends! ( see in the picture above how I forgot another detail?  Can you guess what it is?) Comments?

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