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Warming Up With Neutrals

July 10, 2012


A few months ago, I received a call from a homeowner who needed help choosing colors for her home. Pat, the homeowner, had many collections in her home that she has made and also collected over the years:

013 (2)

All of her furnishings were in great condition and were going to stay. This made my job easier since I just had to select colors for existing furnishings with my large color samples from Maria:

july72012 283

We started in the living room and I used the largest upholstered piece in the room to begin looking at colors. Pat and I had decided at the beginning on the consult that we were going to use warm, soft neutrals to bring everything in the room together and also to highlight her collections.

Living Room before painting:


Living room after painting with BEN Moore Monroe Bisque HC-26:


See how the room looks softer? Monroe Bisque is a soft, yellow beige that matches perfectly with the cream flowers in the sofa.


If you are seeing green on the walls in the photos, you are not mistaken! Depending on the light and time of day, Monroe Bisque can look green at times.

Pat carried the Monroe Bisque into the hallway:


Here is a before picture of a sunny breakfast room:


After painting with Ben Moore Palladian Blue HC-144:


Such a pretty room! I suggested using a large mirror on the wall across from the window to open up the room and bring the light in.

Below is a picture of the den before:


And after painting Ben Moore Santorini Blue 1634:

IMG_1142 (2)



So pretty after painting:


Below is a before and after picture of one of my favorite rooms in the home. I used the quilt on the to select the color for this room. Guest room before:


Guest room after:


We used ben Moore Georgian Green HC-115 (one of my new favorite colors!). See how the wall color just makes the whole room come together? That is the magic of paint!

Thank you so much Pat for sending me the pictures! I love to see the after photos after a color consultation. I hope you all enjoyed! What a difference a little paint can make!

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Best Wall Colors for Stained Trim

October 17, 2011

[pinterest]                                                                                                                                                                                      source

I was recently asked this decorating question by one of my readers: “I am looking for paint colors that would look good with my walnut stained woodwork and doors. Most everything I see now has white woodwork and doors. Do you have any suggestions?”


It’s true. A majority of the interior design photos you see now are all in white including the trim and doors. I personally do not like the look of a bright white color for the walls with stained trim. Nor do I like this look below of wood doors with white trim:


Instead of a stark white to work with stained woodwork, I always suggest using a beiger, creamier white because it does not make the woodwork stand out and scream.  Look at the photo below which is mascarpone af-20:


I think the color is too ‘clean’ and bright with the wood. Now take a look at the below image that features showing with harmony af-90, which has more beige in it, with the dark stain wood:


Just remember that pure, bright white colors look best paired with ‘clean’ bright colors and off-whites and creamier colors look best with browns and beige.

I also am not a fan of the lighter paint colors with the wood trim:

I think the woodwork is sticking out to obviously in this above photo. Wouldn’t you agree that the trim would work better in the room if it was painted a pure, clean white?

What I do really love is the look of the stained wood trim together with medium to dark colors on the wall:


House Beautiful

So gorgeous!


So my advice on choosing wall colors for dark trim? If you are looking for a soft, fresher look, I suggest using creamy or beige off-white colors instead of a pure white hues. Or, if you are looking for a bolder and more contemporary look, I would suggest using a medium to darker color for the walls which will work beautifully together with the stained wood trim. I love! medium to deeper shades of grays, blues and greens with the darker woodwork.

You can see more inspirational photos of painted rooms with stained trim here.

Comments? Please? All photos used are from pinterest. If you have not visited pinterest yet, go there immediately! You will love it.

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The Magic of Paint – For Wood Paneling

June 30, 2011

After: Light and AiryCoastal Living

Are you still stuck in this man’s world?


Do you still have walls or ceilings in your home with wood paneling?


Before: Outdated Living Room

Are you still afraid to paint over?


After: Polished and Modern

Today it is actually very easy to paint over the wood.

Before: Distracting Elements

A fresh coat of white paint ( and a downsized fireplace):

After: Simplistic View

Pretty amazing what paint can do.

Space-saving Kitchen: Before

Space-saving Kitchen: AfterCoastal Living

So, you decided you like the clean, white surrounding instead of the dreary, dark wood background.  Look how easy the steps are today:

1)  Clean. You MUST clean the paneling well first.  It is not a waste of time, you never know what is layered on that old wood!  TSP is a good product I use that cleans surfaces in preparation for painting.  It removes grease, oil, sooty dirt and prepares painted surfaces for repainting.

Homeowner’s used to want to fill in the cracks of paneling with compound and then sand it down to get that smooth finished wall.  It is a very time consuming job plus it runs the risk of cracking in the future.  My advice is to leave the cracks and wood defects alone!  I would simply paint the paneling for a look of added depth and texture.

2)  Prime.  Another step you can not skip. (that’s right, I know who you are).  The primer is important because it helps to cover the wall’s imperfections, provides a better surface for the paint to stick to and keeps fresh paint from soaking into patched areas.  My top choice for primer is ‘Stix’.


“STIX Bonding Primer A waterborne urethane acrylic bonding primer that strongly bonds to hard, glossy paints and other challenging substrates such as PVC, vinyl, fiberglass, glazed block, tile, pre-coated siding, and galvanized metals. It levels to a smooth film to dramatically improve the topcoat appearance. May be topcoated with latex, alkyd, epoxy, urethane, or lacquer coatings. May be used in interior or exterior applications.” (company ad)

3) Paint.  Which color looks best?  My favorite painted paneling I have seen in homes and decor magazines are white or cream. To help you narrow down your choices be sure to look at the undertones of your flooring.

apartment therapy



Look how beautiful this entry is:

Now do you think it’s time?


It makes the room look so much brighter, cleaner, and full of life.  Don’t you agree?  Comments?

If you would like to see more photos of painted paneling, visit my Pinterest board here.

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