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Which Gray To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

August 3, 2015

A reader recently sent me this photo below asking for help with selecting a gray paint color for her kitchen cabinets:


She is going to take small steps with her kitchen redesign and wanted to tackle the cabinets first. No ‘white or cream,’ she screamed. (She did not really scream, I just couldn’t resist.) A gray color is what she and her husband decided for their cabinets.

The floors are staying for now, so we will work around them. What grays do you think might look good with the yellow flooring? I would suggest staying away from grays with blue undertones such as Coventry Gray HC-169 or Nimbus Gray 2131-50:

nimbus gray2

Ben Moore Nimbus Gray 2131-50

Why not a blue gray? Blue and yellow are almost opposite colors on the color wheel and when you put the two together, you have high contrast. The colors will complete against each other and the room will not feel inviting or relaxed because of the high energy of the two contrasting colors.

For a more natural and comforting room, I would choose a gray green to work with the yellow floor.

Here are a couple gray color options with green undertones that would work great:

pashmina                  thunder

Ben Moore Pashmina AF-100                         Ben Moore Thunder AF-685

They work well because the green undertones in the paint play nice with the yellow flooring. No contrasting or competing.

Another favorite green gray for cabinets that has been popular for awhile now is Ben Moore Fieldstone 1558:






I think there is good reason why the paint color Fieldstone is so popular for cabinets! Beautiful. One other suggestion I offered on the cabinets was to remove the plate rail from the top of cabinets. That will also help update the look.

What other pretty grays have you seen used for cabinets in the kitchen or bath?

Why Does My Gray Look So Blue?

May 28, 2014

coventry gray


A reader wrote me the other day and said that she was so upset because her new gray paint looked like ‘blue’ on the walls. I asked which gray she used and she answered’, “Benjamin Moore Sterling 1591.”


I told her that I think Sterling is a very pretty gray, but it reads more ‘blue’ than gray once on the walls:



As I explained in previous posts, if the gray has a blue undertone, no matter how small, the ‘gray’ on your wall will look more blue than gray. A couple of other blue-gray colors are Coventry Gray HC-169 and Stonington Gray HC-170.

coventry gray2


If you were looking for a ‘grayer gray’ for your walls, take a look at Revere Pewter HC-172 or Thunder AF-685. They are more of a neutral, beige gray. No blue at all.

Revere Pewter:

revere pewter


Be sure to always test your colors on a large poster board before you paint the walls. Good Luck!

I know this is a review for many of you, but it is good to keep in practice!

If you need help selecting paint colors, contact me today.

Another Happy Revere Pewter Customer

August 9, 2011


House Beautiful

Whenever I am asked what my favorite gray color is, the first gray that jumps to mind is Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

I love it because it is such a warm gray and it works so well in many different rooms in the home.This gray works just as well in a kitchen as it does in the living room.                                                              

Kelly Bernier Designs


We know what a great neutral gray is and revere pewter is no exception. You can pair with blues, greens, blacks, and orange. But unlike a lot of other grays, you can use revere pewter with dark brown.


So when my new friend Rosie contacted me for an online color consultation, she asked me if I could suggest a pretty color for her dining room that would work with her artwork and existing furnishings.  She had painted the kitchen, which is visible from the dining room, with Ben Moore Flora AF-470, (a green), that we also had to work with. The before color on the wall below is Interlude AF-135.  She felt the color was reading too ‘pink’ on the walls and also boring.  She contacted me to help her because she knew the look she wanted but needed help with her color choices.


As you can see, the black furniture and the artwork would work beautifully with a gray and Rosie was excited to try a gray.  I looked at various grays with the Flora color and I kept coming back to the Revere Pewter because I have worked with it before and I knew it was a beautiful color. Plus it looked great with the kitchen color Flora. Another gray we looked at was Chelsea Gray HC-168. It also went well with the kitchen color, but we thought it might be too dark with the flooring and furniture.

After painting with revere pewter:

photo (12)

photo (9)

photo (10)

Don’t you think it came out beautiful?  It looks so fresh and clean. Rosie loves it and so do I.  Rosie: “WOW!   I love the Revere Pewter!  It is so pretty and goes great with Flora. The Manchester looks very nice also.  Even my husband who was very bitter because of  repainting loves it.  I am very happy!  All the rooms flow well now.  Thank you so much!  You are awesome!  I will send some pics when the sun goes down more for better lighting.  Thank you Kelly!”

Another Happy Revere Pewter Customer!


If you need help choosing the right paint color for your home, contact me today!