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Speak Up! The Contractor Doesn’t Always Know Best

June 8, 2014


Remember when I wrote here about my new granite counters when the installer told us that we had to have a four inch backsplash of the granite going up the wall? Well, I am so glad I researched it and then wrote a blog about it, because he was so wrong!

I assumed my so called granite expert knew what he was talking about. He has been installing counters for over 20 years. I told him at first how I wanted the backsplash tile all the way to the counter- no granite backsplash. He told me that was not a smart idea.


I am so glad that I stepped back a minute and though about it. Don’t rush me making such a big decision! After reading all of the helpful comments on my blog, I told him how I wanted it done, which was the right way.


So when your contractor//builder/painter/husband is pressuring you to make those big decisions, step back and do a little online research and also look at photos on Houzz and Pinterest. See all the different options on the ways it can be done, not just one. Then YOU make the choice and let him know what you want.


You will not regret it. Don’t let people intimidate you into decisions. They certainly do not always know what is best.

I hope you like how my kitchen redesign is coming out! Mike is doing a wonderful job. Still a lot of work to be done but it is getting done my way!

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Afternoon At The Granite Yard

March 1, 2014


My hubby and I went to the huge granite distribution center near Boston, MA today. So many beautiful granite slabs to choose from:

granite fantasy

gray granite

After much research, we narrowed our new kitchen counters choice between granite or quartz. Quartz is man-made and also very beautiful. Quartz is more expensive than granite, a fact I did not know:



But when we went into the showroom, we both fell in love with the individuality of each piece of granite:


I think it is amazing that Nature made these stones! We came prepared with our maple cabinet door:


One of my very favorites of the day (beautiful blue!):

blue granite

God made this! Amazingly beautiful, but I think since it falls under the ‘exotic granite’ category, that makes me guess that it might be too expensive:



What do you think of these recycled glass slabs?:

recycled glass

I asked if people are buying these for their homes and she told me they are sold for mostly commercial projects:


r glass 2

So pretty and different. I bet they are going to be popular in the future. They come in so many different colors and they are good for our planet. My only problem with them is that they are too ‘busy’ for me to have throughout the kitchen. But on a freestanding kitchen island …. awesome.

I think we narrowed it down to two selections. The Blue Bahia:

blue fav granite

OR the Viscont White Leather:

granite fav

Both so beautiful! I think the Viscont White will look the best in our home with our stainless appliances. But I’m not absolutely sure! Has anyone else been through this process recently?