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Lessons Learned From Painting Fabric

October 12, 2012

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You all know how I love painting anything and everything. So when I found out about fabric paint, my imagination started running wild!

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We have a king sized headboard that I had custom made about eight years ago. It is still in great shape, but I am so tired of the chocolate brown color:


I looked into reupholstering the headboard myself but when I heard about the fabric paint and navy was available, I was excited to get started!

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So excited, I did not wait to even take the headboard off of the bed. I had to wait for my husband to help with that and he takes forever! 🙂

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Since I had no real directions, I found the best way was to squirt the paint directly onto the brush for the smoothest application:

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I was amazed that I only used four of the little 4 oz. bottles of paint to cover two coats for the entire headboard! Each bottle was only $3.79 at Michaels.


It only took me a day to finish, waiting two hours in between coats to dry. Here is the headboard after painting:

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Lessons I learned from painting fabric:

*   For best results, do not paint over dark fabric. It is extremely hard to cover the original color no matter how many coats you paint.

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*   If painting fabric with nap, (a fabric with nap is one what usually has a pile and will look different shades from different angles) such as velvet or velour, avoid painting large surfaces. Because of the nap, the brush strokes are very visible:

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*  Always to sure to paint in one direction so brush marks are minimized.

*  The best fabric to paint for the best results is a light colored cotton or linen:

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Look how nice it came out after only two coats of navy paint:

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Would I have painted my headboard if I knew this information? Probably. I like to try things out myself. Plus, I can still re-cover if I decide.

I hope this has helped you decide if painting your fabric will work well for you. If you have any other questions about it, please let me know!

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