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Ideas For That Wall Behind The Sofa

January 8, 2013



Do you have trouble thinking of ideas on what to use in that large space behind and above the sofa?


That prime decorating space is usually between six to eight feet wide. That is a huge area and should be treated as a huge area when thinking of accessories that will work. It other words, think big!



One of the biggest mistakes I see is hanging something that’s too small and actually makes the wall look more awkward. Think gigantic!:



Look closely at the above photo. See how they used wallpaper and then put painted white molding around it? What a great idea! I might have to try that.

Another idea I love that is gaining popularity is the gallery wall:

gallery wall



Gallery walls are perfect for creating a focal point in any room and are a great way to incorporate creative ideas. My favorite thing about a gallery wall is that it can be interpreted in so many ways. To some, a gallery wall is a collage of various styles and sizes of frames. To others, a gallery wall is unified frames hung in a grid pattern:



I love the idea of a collage on the wall! Best is that there are no rules! You can mix and match frames and artwork, vintage posters and photos and mirrors in an uneven display and it looks brilliant:





Another creative way to fill in the space behind the sofa is with small ledges:





See how the grouping is together with the sofa? Be sure to include the sofa as part of your arrangement and build off of that:



Another great option is mirrors. By themselves or along with art:


I think they always look fabulous and will never go out of style.





One last idea that also looks great and is practical, is a console table behind the sofa:





As I wrote about here, console tables are such a perfect addition to many spaces and behind the sofa is one of the countless ways you can use this exceptional table:



Not only useful for holding your glass of wine, a table behind the sofa gives you a place to put a set of matching lamps, a pretty vase, a couple books and anything else you want. Another place to decorate and fill the wall at the same time:





I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration that you can use in your home. Be creative and have fun. It will make you smile every time you see it! Any other suggestions to work with that big wall?

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Here is one example you can find on Pinterest for ideas and layouts of gallery walls:


DIY Sunburst Mirror

May 14, 2012


As you know, I have a slight passion for mirrors. I have written numerous blogs on decorating with mirrors here, here and here. I feel they are a major part of a room design:


Meg Braff

I found a starburst mirror that I loved at Ballards:


But the price tag was way more than I wanted to spend on a mirror ($349.00). I noticed a starburst mirror on Pinterest that was really pretty and it was a do-it-yourself project.


I love making things but I never want it to look like it was a DIY project. I thought this mirror from K Sarah Designs was really pretty and it sounded easy even for me!


I followed her directions with a few changes in materials and directions.


* Wood shims (I used 2 different sizes: 4 packs of 42 count, 12″ long shims, and 11 packs of 14 count, 8″ long shims from Lowes)
* Wood glue (I used Elmer’s Wood Glue)
* Gorilla glue
* Round mirror (I used a 14″ diameter beveled mirror from Michaels)

* Thin plywood sheet for the backing. I used a 12” x 12” sheet from Michaels.

*Polycrylic Spray

* Heavy duty hanging hardware



First, figure out how you want to lay the shims. I followed Kristen’s advice and went with groupings of 9 for the 12” shims and grouping of 7 for the 8” shims.


I did not want the grouping to be perfect- I liked the varied look to go with the finish of the shims which was irregular. Plus, it was so much easier! So I just laid out a piece and started gluing together:




For the last piece, I matched the ends with the first piece so they would all be the same size:


Each grouping makes up a starburst. Then I let them sit and dry for a couple hours:


For the next part of the project, I followed Kristen’s advice and made 15 large starburst groups and 15 of the smaller starbursts. I found the middle of my 12 x 12” plywood and started my pattern like this:


I laid out a pattern I liked then started gluing them to each other and to the plywood backing. You may need to add in an individual shim here or there if all the ray groupings don’t complete an entire starburst or you need to fill in a little space.



After I let it dry for a couple hours, I sprayed with a couple coats of Polycrylic to seal. If you want to paint your starburst, first spray with primer then spray paint with a couple coats of paint. Let that dry. Next, I glued the back of the mirror with Gorilla and wood glue in the middle of the starburst and weighed down overnight to set:


To attach the hanging hardware, I attached two screws to the plywood and secured heavy duty wire between them:


Then it is ready to hang up and enjoy!:



I really love the way it came out! The entire project was under $35.00 and only took a few hours to complete (plus drying time). It was fun too! Do you like making projects? It is not perfect but that’s why I love it more. Not bad for the first mirror I made!

Update: I made another mirror here in blue if you would like to see.

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Weekend Bloggy Reading

Fabulous & Creative Nail Salon

April 27, 2012


I stopped at a local nail salon last week and when I walked in the original, creative decor just blew me away:


I spoke to the owner of the salon, David, who had decorated the space. He knew that he needed large artwork for this big wall. He told me most all of his artwork he made himself and he found some additional decor at places such as yard sales and salvage yards. Can you guess what this artwork on the wall was made of?:


If you guessed arm chair rests, you are correct!


I was amazed! David said that he had a friend with a leftover box of these armrests and asked if he could have, even though at the time, he did not know exactly what he was going to do with them.


He started playing around with them one day until he noticed shapes taking form. To hang them on the wall, he inserted a small 2-3” wooden dowel in the back of the piece and made hole in the wall to stick the other end of the dowel. The pieces are pretty light and he said they have held up just fine.


I think they are just so creative! Did you notice what the eyes are made from?


David has been very successful with his business since he opened two years ago. He understands that his customers lead a busy, stressful life and it is a special treat to come in to be pampered. He strives to make the customers time special and relaxing. He also believes in treating his employees well so they too have a great attitude and want to make the customer happy also.

Love this guy here in the corner!:


David believes like a lot of us, that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be creative. Here is a picture of the talented David:


Look how ingenious these mirrors are that he made:


The picture just does not show how cool they look. He hung a rectangular smoke mirror on the wall, then in the center of that mirror he hung a round regular clear mirror on top. I am so inspired that I am trying to find somewhere to hang this in my home because I am going to make one for me! I love them! So cool and different.



I was so impressed with his work that I asked if I could share with my decorating friends!  He is so talented and resourceful, don’t you think? What do you think of the mirrors? Have you ever seen anything like that? I hope you enjoyed!

Have a great weekend everyone!

David and his incredible talent can be found at his salon ‘ENails’ in Slatersville, RI.

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