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Secret to Online Accessory Shopping

January 5, 2015

One of my favorite activities is going accessory shopping! I love the hunt of finding the perfect piece in shops, big stores, barn sales and auctions. Art and accessories are the personality of a room:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 7

Today, it is even easier to shop for special items online. If you have a tabletop or console you are looking to style, there are many online sites where ordering is quick and easy. A few of my favorites are Overstock, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Lamps Plus, Pier1, Ballard Design Joss & Main and Craig’s List.

If you are shopping online for accessories, the secret is to plan ahead what items you will need. Plan it out on paper or in your head what will go on this side of the table, what will be on the other side? Should I use a lamp or maybe two? What size is best to hang a picture or mirror behind? What material and size of bowl will look best?

Kelly Bernier 5 14 vignette 5

I recently helped a client shop online for her mantel. She wanted a whole new look. I first sent her ideas to shop(look) around her home to see what we could use. Then instead of her running all around picking up items, I made a plan on paper and then sent her ideas and photos online and product information. Look how nice it came out:



marsha mantel

I am now working with someone helping find a centerpiece for his kitchen table:

jeff after6

First thing I thought would look nice is a small tray in the center of the table holding a couple items:


Another idea could be a few pretty glass pieces:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 detail 5

Also, planning what you actually can fit and use in the space is important in online shopping so you do not have the hassle of returns.

Hope this helps next time you are looking to dress up your tables!

Decorating a Round Coffee Table

April 9, 2012



A reader recently wrote and asked if I would please share some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a round coffee table.


There are no set of rules as to what is a right or wrong way to decorate. Many times it only requires patience and plenty of trial and error to get it right. As with any other decorating rule to make a space inviting and beautiful, always take the rest of the room into consideration as well as the size of your table. For example, if you are working with a small coffee table:



You would not want to overwhelm the top with too large or too tall of an accessory that would throw off the balance. And the opposite holds true for decorating a large round coffee table- keep your accessories on the larger size. But the most important key in decorating your table is that you like the look.


Everyone has different tastes and styles (thank goodness!). Someone might love one decorated tabletop when another person will think it is not so great. Who cares?

Here is my coffee table right now:


But it can easily be changed. Start with a clean, empty tabletop. Then I begin with my tall item first(be sure it does not block view of tv):


And I always like to use a couple books to add height and dimension to the arrangement:


Then I start to add accessories with different heights and interest:


And then I always add an accessory that I love and that means something to me, (mine is a favorite bird I picked up from a vacation in Cabo, Mexico) :


That’s it! I love the finished look and that is what is most important!


Remember that it takes patience and plenty of trial and error to get it right sometimes. Just step back and take a look to see what else you might need to add or need to take away.

Here are a few more inspiring photos to get you started:


I love to see trays being used to decorate tabletops:




Pottery Barn

I hope I have helped give you some new ideas and inspiration for decorating your round coffee tables. I have noticed a lot of my clients are requesting the round coffee tables lately instead of rectangular. Which do you have in your home?

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Thanksgiving Holiday Tablescapes

November 18, 2010

Only a few days away from the Holiday madness!  I wanted to share some pretty tablescapes to help get you inspired and give you a few ideas to jazz up your table.

My florist friend Valerie from Floral Arranging 101, suggested to buy two or three mixed bouquets (all the same) at the grocery store.  Divide up the flowers by color and type and then color block (bunching like with like colors) an oasis wreath.  Color blocking flowers add more impact.  Then add small pumpkins on skewers, pods, millet sprays, etc. Then place candles in the middle.  This looks great on a round table.

Family Gathering Centerpiece Flowers

For a rectangular table, Val suggests using three to five short vases and color block (bunching like with like colors) them down the center of the table.  No taller than 10 inches, so your guests can converse over them.  Or use candles as below:

PS.  If you have not seen the flameless wax candles, check it out here.  Great idea.  They are made of vanilla scented wax and run on batteries.  They even have a timer on them!  They are available in 4″, 6″ & 8″ heights.

I love to run table runners side to side like this above picture instead of always down the middle.  Very pretty and creative.

 So simple.  So beautiful.

Pretty soon I can start posting about Christmas tablescapes like below: Yay!

I hope that I gave you some ideas to use for your big day.  Remember to enjoy yourself!

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