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Sneak Peek of My New Home Office

May 5, 2018

I can finally start getting excited about our home office project. I am starting to see the finish line! My husband and I have been working, (on and off), upstairs on a brand new office for me!:


I am fortunate my husband is such a great handyman- he can make anything. After painting, ( with my favorite color) navy blue, we had to wire in new lights because there was not any overhead lighting. And we decided to build a whole wall of bookshelves and cabinets:

office wall

We installed the cabinets:,Read More

New Office Space

April 12, 2013



I have been working with a client online who finally found a little room in her home that she can call her own:


The room is small and she asked for help finding pieces that she can use to design a beautiful office space.


Starting with the largest piece, the desk, I inquired if she would be using a large computer, but she only needs room for a laptop. The first item that popped in my head was the Durham Desk at Ballard Design:



The openness and clean lines make this desk a perfect choice for a small space. Here are two bookshelves also open and contemporary:



And what office does not need a great comfortable chair? This is a chair she recently purchased that will work great in the room:



I suggested a soft, light grayish blue color for the walls:


Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478

And here is the office design board she loved best that was in her budget:

Office Design

She is going to keep her white sheers as window treatments in the room which will work well. She is so excited to get started!  Even if she can not afford everything right now, at least she now has a plan to begin. I have already ask her to please share photos when complete!

If you would like a custom design plan for your next room, contact me today.

Have a great weekend my friends!