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Kelly’s Five Favorite Neutrals

February 29, 2016

I have finally narrowed my top list of neutral paint colors that I frequently use! I feel confident about my top choices, which are also my favorites, and I want to share my color advice with you.

My list of favorite neutrals, in no particular order:

Revere Pewter HC-172:

revere pewter



I can’t seem to get enough of this color. It is a beautiful light gray in brightly lit rooms and a pretty soft beige in rooms with low light. Gorgeous and happy!

Grant Beige HC-83:

grant beige1



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Working With An Unusual Trim Color

February 23, 2016

Finding a wall color is difficult enough. But when you have to work around an unusual color such as this trim below:


It is really challenging!  Can you tell what undertone the trim has?

This is my living room in our NH home. The previous owner thought taupe was a good neutral to use for All the trim in the house!:

trim view

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White Trim Dilemma

September 30, 2013


cloud white2


Last week I assisted a homeowner with a question about her white interior trim. She had recently repainted her living room in Benjamin Moore Manor Blue 1627 and also her dining room with Ben Moore Wickham Gray HC-171. Her husband did not want to repaint the existing trim which was Ben Moore Cloud White:

cloud white1


The Cloud White was bothering her because it seemed to be ‘so noticeable and dull (dirty) looking’ against the new paint colors. “Isn’t Cloud White supposed to be the perfect white trim color that goes with every color?” she asked.

Not quite. Below is a Wickham Gray sample, (the poster board underneath) with a Cloud White sample and also a cleaner, whiter white:


Can you see how the sample on the right looks cleaner and whiter? The color on the left is Cloud White. The right side sample is Chantilly Lace OC-65. When comparing the two whites together, Chantilly Lace is a cleaner, brighter white.

Below is Manor Blue with Chantilly Lace on the left and Cloud White on the right:

cloud white

Do you see how the Chantilly Lace look brighter and more compatible? That is because the two new paint colors, Manor Blue and Wickham Gray, are also clean colors. If I were also to compare a taupe color with the two whites:

cloud white3

The Cloud White on the left looks more compatible than the brighter/cleaner white on the left.

So I ask her to get the two samples of trim color and bring home to compare with her new paint colors. Right away she saw how much cleaner and crisper the Chantilly Lace looked. After a bit of dispute discussion, the husband agreed to repaint the small amount of trim in both the living room and dining room.

Can you use different colors of trim throughout the home? Of course. I just would not butt them up against each other where you can compare the two.

The best way to compare the colors is to try the samples yourself at home. Photos on the computer are not the best way to see, but I hope I helped you understand the discrepancy in the different whites.

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My Daughter’s Before & After Bedroom

July 31, 2013


Do you remember a little while ago when I shared my daughter’s (and son-in-law’s) bedroom in her new house? She had asked me for advice on helping her select paint colors and decorating advice.

This is a before picture when they first moved in:


And here is the after picture she sent me:


Isn’t it pretty?  What a lot of hard work they both put in. They did follow my advice on paint colors and chose Ben Moore Coventry Gray for the walls and  Cloud White for the cabinets.



And After:


They still have a few small projects they want to do but it already looks great. Did you notice her new pad on the window seat? I suggested she buy an extra window panel and make a new cover to coordinate.

They also repainted her old dresser in Ben Moore Stonington Gray:


Such a great job Meg and Ian! You should be so proud. I sure am! Thank you for taking after pictures and sharing. I love when people send me their after photos to share with everyone. What do you think everyone? Isn’t the room so pretty?

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