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Simple & Uncomplicated Furniture Painting

August 31, 2016

Are you still holding on to that special piece of old furniture that you have wanted to paint forever? A reader wrote and asked, “I really would like to paint this little table/bench/chair but I can not figure out which process would be easiest for me. I would really like to give it a try.  Also, can you suggest a few colors that you think  looks best on painted furniture? Thx!”

Well I understand how you might be confused! There are so many different techniques and options today for painting furniture. I am happy to share with you all what has worked best for me, as well as my overall knowledge on painting furniture!

aub blue

For all of my furniture painting projects, I always turn to my number one paint choice which is  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I LOVE the product because it is so easy to use. No priming is needed and you can use indoors because it is non-toxic and  odor-free. So instead of the process being a chore by worrying about which primer to use and how to prepare the furniture, I feel that using Chalk Paint® makes it a fun and easy venture.  Here is my stash of chalk paint:Read More

Finishing Touches On Bath Update

September 8, 2015

Did you all have a nice long Holiday weekend? Any projects completed? I finished up in my master bath with all the fun details and accessories:

new bath

Remember that little brown table in the room?:


Well I had fun painting it with Chalk Paint® . I do not think I will ever go through all the work again, with only so-so results by using regular paint to paint furniture. Chalk Paint® is so easy and the finish is suburb.



After painting with three coats of Pure White and two coats of Provence on the drawers. Then a coat of clear wax and that’s it!:


No priming or sanding involved when using chalk paint. I did have to refresh myself back to my post on instructions here, using the Chalk Paint® . After you paint, (letting dry approximately one hour between coats) you then apply the wax. I used the clear wax for this project. Then after waiting 24 hours to dry, I polished and buffed for a beautiful finish:

new table

I really love how it came out! (except for the crooked toilet paper photobomb)

I knew the room was going to be a challenge because of the existing tub and tile that could not be changed at this time. By painting the walls a color that worked with the tub and then adding splashes of a bold, modern color, (turquoise), the room has a more updated and beautiful look:


I think it came out so well it should be named ‘Bath Of The Month’. What do you think House Beautiful Magazine? 🙂


Don’t give up hope on those existing items you can not change. Work with them and it will all work out beautifully.

I even changed the knobs from Target, for only $40.00 total. I love the way they change color in the light. Before:

drawers before

After with new hardware:

after drawers

close up

If you need help updating your bath, contact me today!

Elegant Gilding Wax Giveaway

December 14, 2012



Isn’t this mirror gorgeous?! I just love it. My friend Nancy from Sea Rose Cottage, ASCP extraordinaire, recently posted how she made it here. I would love to make one and hang in the guest room. Wouldn’t that look beautiful and unique?:



Nancy used Empire Gold Gilding Wax to stencil the poem onto the mirror! For the lettering, she used Royal Design Studio’s  Springtime in Paris Stencil which Nancy now also carries in her store.


Nancy wants to celebrate the Holiday Season with a Giveaway!! She wants to give you a chance at a great gift idea for yourself or someone that loves to be creative and paint various projects! She is giving  an entire set of 4 waxes…1 of each color (Empire Gold, Kings Gold, Renaissance Gold & Silver). She is also going to add a stencil of Small Moroccan Arches which is just one of her selection of Royal Design Studio stencils in the shop. Total Giveaway Value is over $100!!



I would love to have this set! (I know, I know I can’t enter.) Thank you Nancy! Look how pretty this old picture frame came out after Nancy used the Empire Gold Gilding Wax on the details of the frame:



You can read how she painted this frame here.You can use French Gilding Wax to add sparkle to your projects by outlining the architectural details of furniture and other objects. It can be used on many surfaces including wood, plaster, glass and metal!:



If you are one that can not resist a bit of gold that adds such elegance to your projects, enter now!  To enter, you can subscribe to Nancy’s Sea Rose Cottage Blog or like Sea Rose Cottage on Facebook or write your answer to this question in the comments below. Question:

What project would you like to use the French Gilding Wax on?

Contest will be open until Monday December 17 at midnight. Good luck! The winner of the raffle will be announce Tuesday, December 18th.  (due to severe computer problems over the weekend, I have extended the contest deadline by one day.)

Thank you Nancy!

You can read more about the gilding wax, ASCP, brushes, books, stencils and more here at Nancy’s Sea Rose Cottage online shop. If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas for the painterly, Nancy just posted some great gift ideas in her post “Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Painterly” .


Have a wonderful weekend!


Antibes Mirror Makeover

May 27, 2012

astilbes 051 

The first time I saw the color  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color Antibes Green, I immediately knew I wanted to use it somehow, somewhere:


work by Annie Sloan photo credit Christopher Drake

Isn’t the green beautiful? I knew I wanted to paint it on something! When I saw this boring old mirror in my bedroom, I knew I had found my willing subject!:

astilbes 005

This mirror is probably over ten years old that I had picked up from Bombay. I loved the size, shape and color but it is really heavy! My hubby said he will not hang it. 🙁  I could only find somewhere to lean it.

astilbes 001

It just sat it up there on my dresser because I did not want to just get rid of it because it looked outdated. It just needed a little love and paint. So Antibes project here we go!

astilbes 008

My wonderful friend Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage had supplied me with a sample jar to try and I knew it would be plenty enough to give two coats of paint to the mirror. First I wiped everything on the mirror down and then painted it with a quick coat:

astilbes 013

One of the things I loved about the mirror when I bought it, was all the different grooves and designs etched into it:

astilbes 011

So after painting, I sanded off some of the paint in areas so the detail of the etchings were more visible. I sanded it a bit with a piece of fine sandpaper until I liked the look:

astilbes 033 

After sanding, I wiped it down with a wet rag and after it was dry, I painted on another coat, then sanded again when dry. The sanding really put the personality into the piece:

astilbes 045 

Now it was time to wax. I have learned when using the dark wax, you only need a tiny drop of dark wax mixed with the clear wax:

astilbes 042

You could always add more dark wax if needed. After I finished waxing with my mix, I took just a small dab of the dark wax and wiped it on here and there for darker highlights. Wait to dry a few hours, then it is ready to buff! I just used an old t-shirt and shined it up.

astilbes 043


astilbes 056 


What do you think? It actually looks slightly darker than the photo shows. I love painting projects. Especially when they do not cost anything! Have you painted anything interesting lately?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.

Look what I saw when I was driving down the road in NH:

astilbes 024

“Hello, is anyone home?”

astilbes 027

Unbelievable! Glad I was sitting in the car! I don’t know if the people were home or not. It just walked off into the woods after that. I hope those people are not feeding  it! Did you notice the yellow sign in the first picture? It says ‘Bear Crossing.’

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And The Winners Are…..

February 15, 2012

The two winners of the Sea Rose Cottage Sample Deck Giveaway are:

Carol Brouillette     and       Linda Holt

Congratulations Carol and Linda!!  Thank you to all that entered!

Carol & Linda please send your mailing addresses to Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage so she can send you your new fan deck. Sorry everyone could not win!

A special thank you to Nancy Chace, owner of Sea Rose Cottage and ASCP extraordinaire, for donating two of the Sample Fan Decks to my readers! Thank you Nancy!!

All this talk about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has me wanting to look at beautiful photos of painted furniture on Pinterest!  Not all of the furniture below was painted using ASCP products but great to look at for inspiration and ideas that can be used with a great variety of Annie Sloan colors.   Would you like to see a few of my favorites?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Look how pretty:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Don’t these pictures make you want to find a piece of furniture and paint RIGHT NOW?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Just beautiful!!

Thank you again to all who entered. Thank you Nancy for the great giveaway prizes!

New Sea Rose Cottage Sample Deck Giveaway!

February 8, 2012


I am so thrilled and honored to be hosting Sea Rose Cottage’s giveaway of the new Color Sample Deck! You might remember reading here where I first fell in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Now you can purchase twenty eight gorgeous color swatches from the Annie Sloan Chalk paint collection all together in one fan deck! And you double the possibilities when you consider antiquing or toning the color with the  Annie Sloan clear and dark wax and of course the color mixing and color combinations are limitless!

What is even more special about this fan deck is that one side is shown with the color in the clear wax and the opposite side is the paint color shown with the dark wax applied. In the photo below the sample card on the far left is Annie Sloan Antibes Green painted (without wax), the middle Antibes Green is shown finished with the Annie Sloan clear wax and on the far right the Annie Sloan dark wax was used with the Antibes Green.

IMG_2523 (2)

One color I am in love with and I think would be beautiful as an accent piece is the Annie Sloan Antibes Green:


work by Annie Sloan photo credit Christopher Drake

Here is an example of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Antibes Green using the dark wax but not the rustic distress of the table:


work by Annie Sloan photo credit Christopher Drake

Although this chair below is not painted in the Antibes Green, you can simply make the same color by mixing a little of the Annie Sloan Arles color into the Antibes Green:

  Oliveira Textiles

Love!!! See all of the different techniques and custom looks you can get from just one color? The fan deck is a great tool to visualize how your next masterpiece might take shape using the fan deck and the clear and dark wax! 


Nancy from Sea Rose Cottage is so excited to share the new sample deck she is going to give away two color sample decks to my readers!

To enter is easy: Either go to and “like” Sea Rose Cottage on Facebook (if you have not already done so) and comment on her Facebook post about the Giveaway at Restyling Home By Kelly blog. Another way to enter is to post a comment on Sea Rose Cottage’s blog article Get Your Pink on for Valentine’s Day!  The giveaway to be open now through 11:59 pm Valentine’s Day 2/14/11. Good luck my friends!

If you would like to learn painting techniques from Annie Sloan herself (the bragging rights alone are priceless) you are in luck!  Annie is kicking off her American Tour in March and is sharing the love with a special Valentine’s incentive. All registrants for Annie Sloan’s 8-city tour that REGISTER before 11:59 pm Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2012) will be entered into a drawing for their tour location. One registrant from each stop will be selected to receive 29 FREE quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint valued at over $1,000 (1 of every color if they choose). This means 8 lucky winners!!!!!!!!  2012 Annie Sloan Tour and early registration giveaway explained here:

Annie’s newest color Antoinette-a soft pale pink–is being introduced as the 2012 Tour Color to show support for the fight against breast cancer.


The new color Antoinette and all of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors are now available at Sea Rose Cottage or at a stockist near you (www.anniesloanunfolded.com).

Comments? Are you going to enter to win the new Sample Deck???!

If you need help looking for creative ways and colors for that perfect accent piece contact me today.

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