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July 8, 2013

[pinterest]book shelf love

Emily Henderson

We all love looking at shelves that have been gorgeously styled:

book 5


They make it look so easy- but it’s not! My best advice still is to try to vary heights for interest and group like items together for balance and cohesion.

I have wanted to redo my fireplace shelves again because I just was not crazy about them:

my old shelves

I went to Pinterest to look at my favorite book shelf ideas that I pinned on my board here for inspiration:

book 2


I tried another tip I knew by using the same color sprinkled throughout the shelves. I brought in more turquoise to tie in with the wallpaper.

And here is my finished styled shelves:

styled shelves 011

Much better! I am very happy with them. They need better lighting in the back which is on my list to do. Some of my favorite pieces are right out where I can see them. Do you have fun styling your shelves or is it a hassle for you?

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  1. I like the way yours turned out! The turquoise is perfect!
    This is something most people have a hard time with.. I also like your second photo with the book spines facing the back! Gives it a nice texture!

  2. Great job Kelly! I love your bookcases surrounded by the natural quartz stone- so pretty!
    I do like the look of wallpaper background in the cases, and am contemplating doing that myself. Always something to do…

  3. love the added turquoise Kelly. Great job. Styling book cases and shelves is my secrete obsession. I can not seem to go a month without pulling everything out and rearranging it.It must be in my decorator genes.

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