Step by Step Guide on How To Style a Cozy Corner

February 23, 2019

Are you looking for ideas to fill an empty corner?  Maybe a little space in the corner of your living room or bedroom that you are having trouble decorating? One idea is to create a cozy little niche:

cozy bedroom corner

I wanted to ‘dress up’ a corner in my spare bedroom. It’s pretty simple- all you need is a comfortable or pretty, (not always one and the same), chair to get started:

corner chair

You can use pillows or throws, or both,  to dress up your chair:

chair and throw

corner pillow

A little stool or table comes in handy for putting your feet up or a place to hold your coffee or wine:

corner stool

corner stool and books

It is coming together but needs something else to style it pretty.

corner empty

You could use a lamp if you want to be able to read in your cozy corner. I decided to try artwork:

corner art

Pretty, but not relating to anything nearby. Feels too heavy in color. A mirror would be an idea but since there is already one there, that is not a good idea for this space.

better art

I think this picture works better because of it’s lightness in color:

right art

Because there was no other pink in the area, I looked around in my home looking for items with pink:


corner pink

I found a stool and a pillow with some raspberry color.

corner complete

I am very happy with the way it came out! Glad I thought of the pink art to tie into the rest of the room. See the pink lamp and picture in the mirror?

Here are a few other cozy corners around my house:

cozy corner


cozy coner 2

Simple to do and looks great. If you would like to see even more cozy corner photos, click here for another post I wrote on cozy spaces and here to see my Pinterest board of my favorite corners.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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