Stained Trim Color Consultation

April 29, 2013



I know that I have used this picture above before, but I just love this room with the stained trim, wall color, Chesterfield sofa and that fabulous rug!

I went on a local  color consultation today to an older home with dark stained trim. Beautiful home, it just needs a little color love and updating:



The furniture is staying so we have to work with it. The homeowner thought the only color that would work was maroon or burgundy:


I did show her a color sample how the burgundy would look and she was not happy with it. I pulled out a medium blue gray, Benjamin Moore Stillwater, 1650:


She loved it! She never even noticed the blue in the sofa before.What I really loved was how well it looked against the dark trim:


Beautiful! She loves it and I think it will make a huge difference in the room with the furniture and trim. Whenever I am consulting with stained trim, I always start with the mid-tone colors, which you can read about more here. I hope she will invite me to come back for after pictures.



Another recent consultation was for a kitchen with oak cabinets:



Ben Moore Agave AF-420 was chosen and it looks great! Agave has just the right amount of yellow in it that really works well with the oak cabinets. She also has dark woodworking and look at how pretty it is with the Agave:



I hope I have shown you how unlimited your color choices can be when you are working with stained trim. Keep in the mid-to deeper range of colors and I think that will help you find that perfect wall color.

If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. Matching a wall color with stained trim can be a bit of a conundrum. Most stains are dark shades, making it harder to match with lighter, airy wall colors. However, light-colored walls can add life to a dull space, while complimenting dark wooden trim. The bold contrast between a lighter wall and a darker trim can be refreshing. Does this Spark an idea?

  2. So my advice on choosing wall colors for dark trim? If you are looking for a soft, fresher look, I suggest using creamy or beige off-white colors instead of a pure white hues. Or, if you are looking for a bolder and more contemporary look, I would suggest using a medium to darker color for the walls which will work beautifully together with the stained wood trim. I love! medium to deeper shades of grays, blues and greens with the darker woodwork.

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