Spring Tablescape Photos

June 16, 2015

spring table

I found these photos I had taken a couple months ago of a Spring tablescape I had made:

spring table3

I worked hard taking the pictures because the scene was just so beautiful:

spring table10


Every time I would come in the room, I would smile and say, “It looks so pretty!” The pictures are far from perfect, but I think they are pretty good and I wanted to share with you:

spring table12

spring table5

spring table6

spring table8

spring table9

spring table11

What do you think? Do you like taking photos of your stuff? I really enjoy and want to get better and better!


  1. They are gorgeous! The colors look so cheery and bright. I used to take a lot more photos when we all used film cameras. We have many lens, filters, flashes, etc. for our film camera but alas, who develops it anymore?….. 😉

  2. Kelly your photos are wonderful! Can I come and visit?
    I know, you have moved since – such a pity because those mountains with the snow on them were a perfect backdrop for the tulips too…

    • Yes, come and visit me Alice! I moved from one condo to another in RI- we are living here because of my husband’s work. Just temporary. Our house in NH- with the mountains is our forever home. 🙂

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