Spring Cleaning Tip For Window Treatments

April 22, 2014



Taking down the curtains to clean is not one of my favorite household jobs to do. But at least it is not like years ago when we had the fancy, heavy window treatments:


That really wasn’t that long ago was it?

I like taking ideas on how to clean quick and easy and try it out. One trick I have learned that does make getting those curtains done without washing or dry cleaning, is to put one panel at a time in the dryer with an old, dry terry cloth towel. The towel will absorb the grime released in the tumbling action. Set it on for 30 minutes on air fluff—no heat cycle. Remove immediately and hang. One extra step I have included is to throw in a dryer sheet for added scent.


Your window treatments will be fresh and clean! And a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning. Has anyone else use this cleaning method? Love to hear any other shortcuts you use to get your house clean!


  1. What a great tip Kelly! Does it work on all fabric types? (cotton, linen, silk) My client just had her silk drapes cleaned and the dry cleaning bill cost almost as much as the drapes! I was shocked.

  2. OOH! I love this tip. Thank you so much for posting. I keep looking at the panels I have in my bedroom and dreading the cleaning process. You have helped a lot.

  3. I had a question unrelated to the main topic of this post. 🙂 Can you tell me where you purchased the curtain rods for the arched windows (first photograph – 4 arched windows in a row with tan/cream colored curtains). I’ve Googled ad nauseam but all I am finding are custom made sites (way too expensive for me) or the flexible, clear rods and they would be too flimsy for the heavy black-out draperies I plan to hang in our entertainment room. Thank you so much for your time!

  4. I usually wash my curtains once a year, but in between (every 3-4 months), I will take them down and run them through the dryer to remove the dust.Very refreshing!!

  5. kelly, my name is Amy and I’m inquiring about the curtains that are Hun on an arched window. I have a triple arched window with no walls in between . Just one gigantic window and need 3 seperate bars. Would please please be able to tell me where I can get theses type rods please?
    I have tried everything a sheet or a fe w sheets are my last resort. If you can help me or even give me a tip I would appreciate it.

  6. Unfortunately, leferforge only sells to wholesalers. Has anyone seen these arched curtain rods on a site that you can buy from without being a wholesaler?

    • Take a look below at the comments Marie. A few of us tried to hunt down- not available to purchase through the company. Someone did post a way to make if you were interested in looking at that.

  7. I realize this is an older post, but I noticed the requests on where to buy the arched curtain rods, I thought I’d share what I did at my mother’s condo a few years ago. She had a quote for custom arched curtain rods & very plain basic curtains for 3 arched windows that was over $600! I created the same look for $26 per window for the rods, paint & mounting hardware. Here’s what we did…
    We used curved shower curtain rods! We purchased them for ~$19 each at WalMart.
    The curtain rod mounting brackets were from IKEA. They used them to hang plain curtain rods from the ceiling to creaet a canopy bed look without the canopy bed. They worked perfectly & were only a few bucks/pair. I used 2 pair per rod (2 @ each end & 2 for extra support.
    The shower curtain rod only came in “shower curtain rod silver”, so I used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint from WM for~ $5 and painted 2-3 light coats on the rods & mounting hardware. Total cost for all 3 windows was $78. She ❤️ them.

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