Sneak Peek of My New Home Office

May 5, 2018

I can finally start getting excited about our home office project. I am starting to see the finish line! My husband and I have been working, (on and off), upstairs on a brand new office for me!:


I am fortunate my husband is such a great handyman- he can make anything. After painting, ( with my favorite color) navy blue, we had to wire in new lights because there was not any overhead lighting. And we decided to build a whole wall of bookshelves and cabinets:

office wall

We installed the cabinets:,

office cabinets

Then we laid a piece of a 12 foot long, 36” width and a thickness of 3” African Sapele wood as a countertop. It is beyond beautiful wood. My husband loves visiting mill yards with many types of lumber and always finds the coolest wood.


african wood

It is so beautiful. So happy with it.

I have a special chair I am bring in from another room for this comer:

office corner

I already brought in window treatments, (thinking it would push my husband to get going in the room):

office window

One problem I have- there is no space in the room for my favorite old chest:

off chest

It is THE coolest desk I have. I even have a stool with it. It is really old:

old desk

And a great hiding spot for some of my stuff:

hiding spot

I don’t like the way it juts out from the wall when you first walk in. I want to be able to have a clear view to the bookshelves:

office chest

I have way too much stuff.

Well it is getting there. My handy husband Mike will be building the shelves hopefully this week! I can’t wait to style all those shelves. I will post photos when finished.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. great find on that wood. its beautiful. love the look the two of you are creating. I certainly know what you are talking about in having too much stuff. bad think about the stuff is I love many of my items and cant stand to part with them.

  2. Lovely, it’s beautiful wood, and a great wall color too, so mysterious that it is a dark color but doesn’t SEEM dark. (funny aside: auto correct immediately capitalized Great Wall and I had to override)
    On “too much stuff”, I’ve been downsizing for years and moved last fall. I have at least a dozen boxes of books in my storage bin and now have room for a couple of boxes at most. Or maybe just one. I envy your future wall of bookshelves.

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