Sneak Peek at Living Room Makeover

November 18, 2011

A few months ago, I started a new living room and dining room redesign. Here is what the living room looked like when we started:


Here is a peek at the after:




At first, the client had wanted yellow walls in the room. See how important it is to test the color at home?:


The color is just to bright. Plus, she had bought two chocolate brown (red undertone) loveseats for the room, so that meant we now had to work with red undertones on the wall. We ended up with a custom color with Shaker Beige as the base.


As you can see, we have more work to do. We are just starting with the accessory and lighting stage which is my favorite part! It was very important to my client to use the clock (on the fireplace) and the picture on the mantel in the room because they have a lot of sentimental valve to her.



That’s it for now! You will just have to wait until I am finished with the two rooms to see the rest. As you can see in the pictures, my client won the brass fireplace debate. She wanted to keep it and I tried to talk her out of. But I actually think it is working with her special historic pieces. Plus, it is not shiny brass. 🙂

What do you think so far? Hopefully I will finish soon and I will be sure to post the after photos.

If you need help redesigning your space, contact me today.

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