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August 31, 2016

Are you still holding on to that special piece of old furniture that you have wanted to paint forever? A reader wrote and asked, “I really would like to paint this little table/bench/chair but I can not figure out which process would be easiest for me. I would really like to give it a try.  Also, can you suggest a few colors that you think  looks best on painted furniture? Thx!”

Well I understand how you might be confused! There are so many different techniques and options today for painting furniture. I am happy to share with you all what has worked best for me, as well as my overall knowledge on painting furniture!

aub blue

For all of my furniture painting projects, I always turn to my number one paint choice which is  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I LOVE the product because it is so easy to use. No priming is needed and you can use indoors because it is non-toxic and  odor-free. So instead of the process being a chore by worrying about which primer to use and how to prepare the furniture, I feel that using Chalk Paint® makes it a fun and easy venture.  Here is my stash of chalk paint:

my chalk paint

This is the before photo of my latest painted furniture project:

before table

My first step is wiping down the furniture items with water and TSP, (TSP is an all purpose heavy duty cleaner found in the paint preparation and cleaner section),  which will strip off any wax and grime on your piece and help prepare it for painting. This table I am painting has spent time outdoors and was in pretty rough and dirty shape. After cleaning, I let the table dry thoroughly for 24 hours.

My supplies for this project:

1. Chalk Paint in selected color.

2. A quality roller for smooth surfaces.

3. Roller paint tray.

4. Quality paint brush. I use the Purdy 2” XL Cub Brush for all of my painting projects.

5. Polycrylic Protective Finish

paint supplies

For smaller areas I use a paint brush and for larger areas like this tabletop, I use a roller for a smooth, brush-free look. I gave this table three coats of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in the color Pure White:

during paint

After all the paint coats are dry, normally two hours, I usually finish my pieces by rubbing a coat of Chalk Paint® Clear Wax to protect the paint. (For more instructions of using the clear wax, read here). But for this table, I wanted a strong, shiny finish so I used a clear, protective coat of Polycrylic which was easily painted on over the chalk paint.

three coats

I have been looking for just the right spot for this special large table. I think my new office, which is a current project I am working on , is a perfect choice:

new office table

I can’t wait to finish my office project! I am having one wall made into custom bookshelves! Yay! Can you tell I am excited?

Here are a few furniture pieces I have painted with Chalk Paint®  over the years. Click on the paint name to see the post which explains about painting each piece:

Old White:

old white

Barcelona Orange:


Antibes Green:


Pure White and Provence:


Aubusson Blue:

aub blue chair

Aubusson Blue:

blue stool

So, this is my secret key to painting all of my furniture- Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. This product is super easy to use and I have always had such great results. My favorite colors I have used are Aubusson Blue, Pure White and Provence. If you have any questions about techniques, colors or creative ideas, the expert I use is Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage. She is wonderful at all questions, large or small.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Wow! I’m amazed at your talent and knowledge Kelly! These pieces turned out beautifully! Works of art. Each to cherish over more time. Annie Sloan must be a genius because the selected colors you choose are so vibrant and she made the product safe enough to paint indoors. I [now] can’t wait to paint this one piece of my grandmother’s. I feared ruining it, but this gave me some confidence. Will the Chalk Paint take a stencil on top of it?

  2. This is amazing! I love all of the different colors! I have an old dresser that I’ve been wanting to paint so I think that I’ll try this out! Thanks for the easy to follow tips and tricks!

  3. Great info Kelly! I always look forward to reading your blog! You always share beautiful pictures and easy to read information!!

    Could this product be used to update dark cabinets for the kitchen and or bathroom?

    • Thanks Carolyn! I have heard it being used for cabinets. But I would suggest using a special bath or kitchen paint product to protect well against moisture,etc. I have used Ben Moore with good results.

  4. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful chalk paint projects! Amazing that no priming is needed! Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions and tips.

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