Simple DIY Pillow Project

April 21, 2018

As you know, a quick and easy update for your home to celebrate the warmer temperatures outside, is to add new, white and bright pillows to your living room and bedroom:

new pillow

I have so many pillows, but I need new ones! haha I found this fabric that I fell in love with right away at Greenhouse Fabrics:

new fabric

I have not sewn in over 15 years but felt I would remember how to sew a simple pillow! I ordered one yard to make 2 18” pillows. I made a 20”, ( 18” plus 1” seam allowance on each side) square pattern out of brown paper and cut out:

new pattern

Funny how I remembered exactly how to thread the sewing machine, fill a bobbin and figure out the seam allowance! (half inch):


Be sure to leave opening 10-12” on one side to later insert pillow insert. After sewing right sides together, I trimmed the corners and turned inside out. I ironed out any wrinkles and pressed under 1/2” on open edge. After I inserted pillow insert, I sewed up the edge and that was it!:


sewing side

new pill

new pillowb

pillow and fire

I forgot how much I enjoyed sewing. I LOVE fabric. I miss not being able to go into a fabric store and be able to touch and feel everything, although there are a lot of places to find beautiful fabrics at great prices, such as  Etsy and Online Fabrics.  I think they came out beautifully! I am happy I did not have to spend a fortune for unique, one of a kind, perfect pillows.  What can I make next? Have you sewed anything in awhile?

I also cleaned out this messy corner:

before corner

after corner


What projects have you been working on?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly  xo


  1. Great pillows, love the fabric. I suspect you will be doing a lot more for other rooms now that you found out what a great impact they can make, and are so easy on the budget.

  2. Love the fabric too. I have a stack of old pillows I keep saying I am going to use the insert & make new pillows. Just have not done it yet. Sometimes I will make the pillow with an overlap on one side; say 3-4 inches so I can remove insert & wash pillow case. Your post got me going – I am going to make those darn pillows.

  3. PS my mother used to make pillow coverings with a hidden zipper, or decorative buttons on one edge, to remove pillows and clean.

  4. Hi! I have been reading some questions and wondering if you would ever recommend mixing grey leather swivel chairs with a dark brown leather couch. I would try to purchase an ottamon with fabric. I like the chairs as they will be used a lot and the fabric one I had are tired after 5 years. They only sell in gray off the floor thoughts?

    • Hi Pam,

      Yes, I think it is fine! Gray and brown work well together. If you bring in fabric ottoman, try to bring in gray and brown in fabric together. Or use gray patterned pillows on sofa to tie together. Same thing for rugs in the room or even a throw. Hope this helps!

  5. Kelly, you are amazing! As soon as I get my 3 rooms completed with painting, I will make pillow covers for Summer. By then it’ll be Fall. Hopefully not! At least I can come back and visit the blog for ideas.

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