Setting A Fall Tablescape

October 25, 2014

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I am having guests over for dinner tomorrow and I will tell you that I am a bit nervous about it. Why? Because one friend that is coming over is a very talented Italian chef. Her food is always delicious. I am not a great cook like her and that is why I am nervous! So I decided to keep the menu simple and let my husband cook something up on the grill. haha

I thought if I set the dining table up pretty, that might impress her and she won’t notice the simple food. haha (I am just cracking myself up). This is my everyday table centerpiece look:

table set7

It is not everyday I try to set a fancy tablescape, so I made a practice run to be sure I had everything:

table set

I found this $5.99 Fall colored material from Christmas Tree Shop in the closet and used as my foundation:

table set2

I used my everyday dinnerware and just layered:

table set4

I do not like to put a lot of decorative items or large centerpieces in the center of table while eating. Where would you put the food?

table set8

table set3

Well, I think it looks beautiful! I am sure our friends will be quite impressed with my fancy table! haha And that’s what I did all afternoon today!

Do you like setting a pretty table? Do you plan it out before the actual day? Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Kelly, you really shouldn’t worry. Your friends will love you and your gorgeous table – I just love the purple place mats! Also, simple food is the best and that’s from someone who loves to cook. I hate fussed over food and love something from the grill so relax and have a great evening – it’s all about friendship and not the food.

  2. Yes I too love setting a pretty table and usually do rather simple foods that are enhanced by the table itself…and of course the guests.

    I also do a trial run the day before to make sure I have everything.

    I love your color combo! Especially the purple placemats.

    Because our table is small I usually don’t put serving bowls on the table but rather “plate it up” and serve it individually to our guests…like at a restaurant. This works especially well if I’m doing several courses. I also use lower centerpieces so we can see each other across the table.

    Boy I’d love to be at dinner with you. It’s beautiful!

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