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Are you looking to update a single room, your entire home or your exterior color palette? Kelly Bernier Designs offers a variety of services to meet your specific needs. Utilizing years of interior design experience and knowledge, I can help you update and refresh your home, within your budget. With one-on-one personal consolation, I can assist with space planning, furnishings, windows, utilizing what you have and more, we can work together to turn your home into your dream home. See below for our service offered.

Ready to get started? For more details and information on any of the services provided, call Kelly at 401-447-9833  today!

Full Service Design: The perfect service for those who need assistance with large decisions such as granite and flooring choices, to small accessory decisions that help to tie a room together. Designs are available for a single room or can expand to your entire home.  Also, with a flat fee, you will receive dedicated help and no surprises.

Color Refinement™:  Need assistance with selecting the best paint color options that will enhance your existing furnishings, or help choose a fresh palette of colors? This two hour in-home color consultation will showcase how to create beautiful color palettes that flow from one room to another.

Interior Refinement / One Day Redecorating:  Need a fresh, updated look for a room in your home? During this 2-3 hour in-home consultation service, we will focus on what you already have in terms of lighting, wall color, existing furniture and accessory placement to transform your room into a brand new space.

Decorating Suggestions for Every Room: The perfect service for the homeowner who needs advice and decorating suggestions throughout their home.  An instant mini-lift instead of a total makeover for one or more rooms of your home. Learn how to update both quickly and beautifully.  This service is perfect for those with those burning decorating questions to get professional and quick solutions.

Resale-Ready® Home Staging: Are you a homeowner or realtor who wants to sell quickly and increase the value of your home? I provide you with instant advice and suggestions that will make your home more attractive and ready for an immediate Open House.

Furniture & Accessory Shopping: For those who need assistance in selecting the correct furniture and accessories for your home- let an Interior Refiner help! Save yourself time, money and costly mistakes by shopping with an Interior Refiner.

Exterior Paint Consultation: Choosing colors for the exterior of your home is not the time to be guessing or letting the painter select your colors.  This service allows either an in-home or via email process.

Online Decorating Services:  Decorate your home, from home! Connect with me though email and phone when an in-home consultation is not possible.  How it works: Submit your photo(s) here with a brief description of the room and what you are looking for in terms of design help. Bonus: Includes a custom design board that features the colors and accessories that are chosen specifically for your space.

Want to work with me? For more details and information on any of the services provided, call Kelly at 401-447-9833 today!