Selecting a Master Bath Paint Color

February 2, 2015

This is my master bath now:

master bath

I am actually embarrassed to show you all. But this is a good lesson on how to select a paint color using your existing fixtures:

master bath2

I originally had big plans for this bathroom. This is the original wall color from when we bought the house, (yellow) trying to work with the very PINK undertoned tub, tile and granite countertop:

master bath3

Now I just want to finish this room. The only restriction I was given was that I had to keep the tub, wall tile and flooring! So the quickest and easiest way to do that is by painting the walls.

So where to start looking at colors? I know I had to find a color that would work well with the pink undertone. So I gave a few colors a try:

bath sample

bath sample2

I was not loving any of the pinky beiges such as Shaker Beige or Muslin. I had hoped to maybe use a pretty spa blue color:

bath color

bath color2

But I found the best harmonized color palette was the Purple Grays, such as Benjamin Moore’s Collingwood OC-28.:


elephant gray

I also like the Elephant Gray 2109-50 and Portland Gray 2109-60:

elephant gray2

elephant gray3

elephant gray4

Just perfect! It might not be my favorite color yet, but it works so well with the existing granite, tile and trim that the whole room will be transformed! That is what makes a room beautiful, all the parts working together.

I will have this bath painted within the next two weeks and will be sure to share after photos. So excited to finally get the room painted!


  1. I’m surprised you didn’t go for a blue 😉 As I was reading the post, I thought “Oh she’s going to choose a beautiful blue because she loves blue.” It’ll look fabulous when you’re done no matter what color you choose. Can’t wait to see it. I bet you have some fun accessorizing planned too.

  2. I love your selections. I also love painting rooms, but the bathrooms have always been the hardest for me to paint because of all the details. It’s always a relief to get the color right the first time!

  3. I look forward to seeing which one you choose! I have used Collingwood, and it’s definitely more neutral. But I also like Elephant Gray, if you don’t mind a grayed lavender in the bathroom. I’ve wanted to try Portland Gray, but I’ve been afraid it would be too pink. Again, can’t wait to see the “after,” I’m sure it’ll look great!!!

  4. I bet that granite is Typhoon Bordeaux– that’s a tough one to work with. We have some upstairs that has a lot of black and orange, and we ended up with BM Skipping Stone on the walls and SW Shoji White on the ceiling.

    Downstairs, we romodeled and found a large remnant–unbelievably also labeled as Typhoon Bordeaux, totally different, much softer like yours with creamy grays, creams and splashes of white and maroon.(The upstairs paint choices absolutely didn’t work with this granite and the other finishes in there.) We started with SW Reticence–pretty on the card next to the granite but a pale, flesh pink disaster on the walls– then tried Amazing Gray, which was lovely but too green with the taupeish floor tiles. What finally worked was also picking a gray more on the lavender side holding the paint chips right on top of the tile. We ended up with SW Versatile Gray which I bet is very close to your final choice from BM.

  5. What’s a good shade that will blend w BM collingwood in a lighter tone by half or more in SW or BM
    Already did bedrooms collingwood thinking to do bathrooms lighter or should I stick w same

    • Did you look at the lighter colors on the strip Alice? Such as Silver Satin 856 or Athena? I would use the next color up for the bath which is Athena 858. If it does not look dark enough, then go with the Collingwood. 🙂

      • I am going to test out the silver satin but athena is not on my chip and i was thinking lighter rather than darker. If I don’t like it I will stick with Collingwood and keep it consistent. Also, what is a nice light, fresh warm neutral chameleon beige colour that will compliment or flow nicely with the collingwood in either BM, or SW (or other) that I can use throughout pretty much the rest of the house (main floor, halls)

        Thanks in advance!

      • I tried silver satin. Too light and too blue. I don’t have Athena on my chip. Mine goes, Collingwood, Balboa mist (which I will try next) then silver satin. Also looking for a nice bright and light, warm neutral beige tone to use through the rest of the house (halls, kitchen, living/dining) to compliment Collingwood. My main colours throughout the house are fairly neutral; blacks/expressos, creams,greys and whites. I like BM and SW paints but open to others.

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