Seasonal Tabletops

April 5, 2012

Do you decorate your table tops for the different Seasons and Holidays? I  always love to decorate tables, shelves, hutches or any flat surface where I can tell a little story and bring more personality to the room.

I am not the craftiest person, but I love to try different ideas and Holidays give me a good excuse to play around! If you look at the photos, you will notice that most crafts are pretty easy to duplicate (even for UN-craftsman people like me!).

I went to my local florist and bought three cherry blossom branches and a handful (ten) of tulips for $12.00 all together:


A tip she gave me that I did not know was if you see any leaves drooping:


Tear them right off when you get home because they will never perk back up and will make your arrangement look messy. So I pulled off the droopy leaves:


Put the branches and flowers in a vase together:


Don’t you think you would pay a lot more if you bought this arrangement put together?


Sorry about the mess and my reflection. I am working! 🙂

This was another easy project! I just tapped off the top of egg:


I rinsed the shells out well and stuck little pansies in them I had picked up for $2.50 for a six pack:


Pretty cute!:


Can’t wait to see them all bloom!

Another easy, quick way to decorate an egg:

This was fun! I had everything on hand; pretty napkin, scissors eggs, Mod Podge glue:


Very easy! 🙂 A little tip- even if you use a brush to put the glue on, the edges of the napkin tend to get all wrinkled. You will have to use your fingers to work out evenly. But it all washed off easily! Here are the fun results of my paper napkin decoupage eggs::


Just another little piece of a story.




So do you like to decorate for the different Holidays? Easter was always a good craft time at my house when the kids were growing up. I guess I still enjoy making pretty things! I hope you enjoyed!

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