Searching for a Master Bedroom Color

May 11, 2017

Are you having a hard time deciding what paint color will work best in your private retreat? One question I have found that seems to help people get on the right color track is: Would you enjoy a bright and light bedroom?:

light bedroom


Or would  you prefer having the look of a darker and cozier bedroom?:

dark bedroom


When you answer that question, your response will narrow your search down considerably.


light master


Or warm?:

dark bed


The master bedroom is your space and should reflect what makes you feel good. There! I just helped you narrow down your color choices by 5,000! Another tip, if you can not begin to know where to look for a paint color, check out Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection. Great colors. I wrote more on this here.

light master2


dark master bedroom


After you have answered this question about the mood of the room, I suggest sitting down and looking through Pinterest and Houzz master bedrooms for ideas and inspiration.

On a personal note, I am headed to Cabo, Mexico tomorrow for vacation. This trip has been planned forever it seems. We were supposed to go down March 19th, but my Dad got sick and I had to head back down to Florida. It had been my fourth trip down to my Mom and Dad’s since January.  I lost my Dad on March 20. I am still having a hard time. I am tearing up just writing this down. I feel torn about this trip I am taking. I should be excited but I am not. Is it too soon to go after I lost my dad? I asked my mom and she said of course my dad would want me to go. Well, I am going to make the best of it. I think once I get there I will feel better about the trip. I have been a few times and the weather, beaches, food and people are the best.

Be sure to call your Mom and Dad this weekend and tell them you love them.

I will see you when I return!  xoxo


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. Cherish your memories of him and everything that reminds you of him. Be proud and smile at the traits he left in you.

  2. Agree with mom; take the trip. A different environment will be refreshing. Cabo is a wonderful place to go.
    Love the bedroom pics you chose. When thinking of a paint color I like to start with a color I like in the bedspread or rug. But then you still have to decide light, bright, dark. Too many choices.
    Enjoy your trip.

  3. I’m sorry your dad is no longer with you. I’m sure you made great memories with him. Continue to live in the moment making good memories to come. About the bedroom color, we had a light peach before and I wanted to add a little masculinity for hubby so I choose BM Algonquin Trail that appears light on the paint chip but is dark in a north facing room. I never knew ithat I would love a dark, cozy room.

  4. The best way to honor your Dad is to live your best life~ he’s with you wherever you journey for now and for always~xo

    I just had my master painted BM Summer Shower and have only seen it in pictures~ it looks beautiful with the sun and pines coming in the windows. I can’t wait to finish it with light airy fabrics~

    Bless you Kelly

  5. Beautiful bedrooms! I think I like the lighter versions better.
    My condolences for your father. I’m so sorry. I hope you took the vacation. I’m sure he wouldnt want you to miss it. Parents want their children to be happy.

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