Saturday Project- Restyling My Living Room

February 10, 2018

I probably should not show anyone, but this is what my living room has looked like since after Christmas:

living room before

Just a bunch of things thrown together after the Holiday’s.  I decided to make an effort to change up the room after I found this throw I fell in love with at Home Goods:

living room throw

I don’t know if it was the color, which I have nothing of, but I just loved it and had to buy. My existing pillows, (which I have owned for about six years, just saying), did not look great with the new throw because they were too beige. The beige pillows with white throw below is a good example of Dirty and Clean together. They do not work well together:

before pillow

So after many hours of trying to find the perfect pillows, I found these beauties:

living room pillows2

Love them! So fresh.

Styling Tip: When layering pillows on sofa, if you feel they look to full or taking up too much room, a good trick is instead of using pillow behind a pillow, use a throw folded and placed on arm of sofa for color:

living pillow trick

Looks better without all the bulk. Next up is decorating the coffee table. I always start by removing everything from the table:

empty table

I decided to use a tray this time. A tray is easy to remove if necessary, plus it helps ‘organize’ your accessories into a collection. Plus, it takes up space!  I always try to start with something tall and something wide on my surface:

living room empty table

Books. Books are my number one go to when decorating a flat surface.


Then it is just experimenting with your favorite accessories:


I just move things around until I really like how it looks.


I like to use real flowers, but I tried to use what I had at home. These flowers are faux, from Home Goods made from silk and they look and feel so real:


I love to use my ‘special’ found items:

lr shells

I think I like this arrangement and will keep for awhile:

after table


I hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend everyone.


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