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April 2, 2017

Hey everyone! I thought I would share a few  questions from recent clients and readers with informative and useful answers:

*  I’m planning on painting our lake house great room Revere Pewter. It has a pitched ceiling with black walnut beam.  Stone fireplace in grayish tones.  I am following your advice to do casings in White Dove.  I would like to add some definition to windows/grids/sliding french doors by adding a darker version of Revere Pewter or something in same color family.  Any advice?

Your home sounds beautiful! If you are looking for a darker version of Revere Pewter, take a look at Ben Moore Thunder AF-685:



Thunder is another soft, warm neutral paint color that is very popular today.

Another option you could look at if you are looking for something a little darker, I would suggest a neutral gray such as Chelsea Gray HC-168:

chelsea gray


Chelsea Gray is a sophisticated, versatile color that will also work well with your fireplace. One more option to consider is black for your windows and doors:

black windows


* I would like to paint my 1990’s Golden Oak kitchen cabinets white, but the remainder of the house has stained trim (windows, doors, floor trim, etc. including the kitchen. How would this look? I cannot find any pictures.

Thanks for writing! Yes, I think it would work. You do not see many pictures online yet, but here are a couple photos below where you can see the white cabinets with the stained trim and I think it looks lovely. Homeowner’s are mixing white with more natural wood products and I know the trend will just keep growing!

white cabs


white with stained


An amazing white paint color to use for the cabinets is Ben Moore Mascarpone AF-20. With it’s creamy yellow undertones, it is a perfect choice with yellow oak trim:



* Another client I am working with now was having a hard time choosing an exterior color for his home with his red roof:


I have seen grays and white paint colors used with the red but my personal favorite is tan:

jeff exterior


tan exterior





I hope you have learned something new, beneficial and useful to you! Have a great week everyone.


  1. What a great post – just what I needed to welcome me back to the world of home-fixing after a week out of town… especially love the kitchen with the white cabinets and the high oak windows, a beautiful mix of modern and traditional.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I am stuck~ Is it possible to pick paint colors from afar. I thought I had my decision made~ Kilim Beige when I was in our new townhouse but it may be to dark. Our local, best store is promoting Edgecomb Gray and I thought it looked like a good possibility. The paint would extend from the slightly NW facing entry (large), past the study, two sets of stairs, into the SE facing great room~ I’m concerned about the “pink”undertones as I was told EG had green undertones. There will be several different lighting situations going on throughout the day. Could you please share your thoughts. I’m hearing concern from others as well. Thank you!

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