Quick & Inexpensive Idea To Freshen Your Kitchen

July 28, 2016

I thought I would share a quick tip for your kitchen.  You know how a kitchen is filled with hard surfaces?:

non runner


We have cabinets, counter tops, appliances and flooring. A few ways to add softness to the room is to bring in fabric with window treatments, tablecloths, linens and area rugs:



I found kitchen runners are a good punch of color for not a lot of money:

kitchen runner


Bringing in an runner is quick and easy. Here is an example of a 2’ x 8’ standard runner:

New Wave Rainbow Rug


Only $54.00 and free shipping! Runners are very well priced:



A kitchen runner also gives the homeowner a number of choices for pulling in accent colors for this space as well as adjoining rooms:





So if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive statement piece for your kitchen, try a colorful runner!

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer months! Thanks everyone!


  1. I love a colorful oriental in a kitchen – it’s so chic and warm. One of your images reminded me of some fabulous lino-type rugs I found lately with a stenciled effect. Very reminiscent to the lino rugs from the 1930s-1950s that I occasionally spot at estate sales.

  2. A runner looks great in all those galley style kitchens. My kitchen is box shaped and I would like a rug in front of the sink and the stove which are at right angles to each other. Any suggestions on how to do this without filling the whole kitchen with a large rug?

  3. Great ideas and you can have “seasonal” colors.

    How is the new house build project coming along? Haven’t heard lately.

    • Thanks for asking Lora. I didn’t know if I should write about in a blog. My dream client ran out of money in March. He said that he could not afford to work with me any longer. At first I was so disappointed, but I went by the house again the other day and nothing is finished! Not even the exterior stone or anything interior! So I am trying to think of it as a good thing I am out. I was so excited about it! Oh well, next time.

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