Partial Window Curtain Rods, Yea or Nay?

September 14, 2019

What is your opinion of partial curtain rods? I am currently working online with a client who recently asked me, “What do you think of short rods?” “Not a fan”,  I wrote back  quickly, ( I wrote back the next day and said that I hope my comment did not sound rude!) I explained to her that just because I did not like the look, that doesn’t mean they won’t work if you like the style.

partial rods


I never even thought about using them in a room. I decided to take a look online and see if I was missing something.

short rod


Sometimes called short side panel curtain rods, they do have a couple advantages:

* Less expensive, not having to buy as many panels to cover whole window:

short rods


* A full rod may simply look too heavy across the whole window:

short side


short rod dining


I think partial curtain rods can look nice but still not a fan of the look. What do you think? Would you use in your home? Love to hear your comments!



Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I’m not crazy about the look either. If the curtain rod could be the same color as the wall, then maybe I would like it more as the rod would ‘disappear’.

  2. I don’t like the look either but here’s what I did. I have an 8′ wide window and a patio door in the living room. I found the most perfectly perfect color drapes on clearance and bought all the pairs I could get. They are very light drapes and when closed, they aren’t full enough to look and I could probably use double. However, the only time they are closed is at night and I’m generally home alone. The first thing I do every morning is pull everything back so that I can see the greenbelt and the drapes are perfect then. They look very much like your pics above. What I did was install a regular rod across the window (in my case an oil-rubbed bronze rod to match by dark-framed bungalow window frames with a pic window in the middle and a slider on each side. I think I would do the same for each of the rooms you show above. To me, the short rod with their finial on each end irritate the eye and suggests that one was too cheap to buy a full rod and full drapes (not that you need or want full drapes in these situations). A full rod suggests to the eye that the drapes are just as full even though they are not. No one looking at my beloved drapes pulled to either side during the day realizes that they aren’t full enough when closed and it doesn’t matter.

  3. I have both looks and the partial gives me a more clean look. Not only does it eliminate an extra horizontal line (ceiling line, window frame, curtain rod) but it also helps to create a perfect 36” or whatever vertical to frame the window.

  4. But what are they for? If it’s just to introduce more color and/or pattern, I’d go for art instead. If not paintings, how about a fabric wall hanging? It would be decorative without looking like “oops, now I can’t ever close these drapes.”

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