On The Road Again

May 20, 2015

on the road


I am moving again! We have been in this nice place for the last year and a half:


With beautiful views:

condo view


The reason for the move is that we were just renting here in RI and the owner sold the condo. So we were told to go! (Not so dramatically).

starburst mirror

Here is a peek at our new place:

new condo NS

I will be trying to use what I own now to decorate the new place. I don’t mind the decorating part, but the moving part is a pain! Hope to share new pictures with you soon. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh wow! Sorry for the hassle of moving again but I know you will make it great. I’ll look forward to seeing your new place and seeing how you’ll decorate it.

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