Off To High Point Market

October 13, 2015

I am getting so excited for my trip tomorrow! I am headed to North Carolina to attend the Fall 2015 High Point Market Week. I am meeting up with a group of designer friends from the Interior Redecorators Network.



Our group is invited for an exclusive private tour of High Point Market on Thursday, which is where home fashion trendsetters go to see the top home trends highlighted. It is the largest furniture store in the world! We are arriving on Wednesday and it is open to the design community on Friday. To give you an idea how large and popular High Point is:

The World’s Home for Home Furnishings

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist.

Current Demographics
  • 180 Buildings
  • 11.5 Million Square Feet of Showplace
  • 75,000 Attendees Each Market
  • More Than 2000 Exhibitors
  • 100+ Countries Represented
  • Tens of Thousands of New Product Introductions
  • Approximately 10% of Attendees Are International

This will be my third visit to High Point. I am registered as a buyer this year and I have researched where I would like to visit most. This time I am going with a well-planned itinerary!



My passion this year is accessories! Rugs, pillows, bedding and fabric. I love looking at new mirror’s, accent tables, lamps and artwork! So much fun.

I even have a list of questions I am going to research:

What is the new ‘Color Story’? Which colors are trending now?

Are geometric textures and organic forms still popular going forward?

What shape and design is new for coffee tables? ( I need a new table!)

Are animal heads still popular in accessories?

What’s new in lighting?

Are starburst mirrors still trending?




I would love if you could comment a question you would like to know and I will find out for you!

What I will be learning next week is amazing! Not to mention seeing old friends and making new connections and friends. I can’t wait to share everything with you when I return! I will be sharing photos on Instagram if you can’t wait to see!


  1. FUN FUN FUN. I’ve always wanted to visit High Point. However, I think it would be so overwhelming with so many stores.
    Curious – as a buyer do you get a list of all stores & their brands; how do you know where to go?
    I’ve always heard pricing on furniture at the market vs say a retail store is at least 400% markup. Is that true.

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