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November 10, 2015

So many decisions! I honestly don’t know how homeowners can make all of the many large and small decisions when starting with everything new. Good thing my client has me to help! πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of the house last week:

ray front

new build

Moving right along! I wrote here how we selected the exterior design components. Now that we have moved indoors, the choices to be made are many. I thought I would share a couple of ideas and helpful tips.

So where to start? I suggested flooring should be one of the first choices. A tip I would like to pass on when choosing hardwood flooring, is think of the entire room with the hardwood. Do you like a solid color everywhere like this?:

chocolate birch

birch flooring

Or do you like a varied toned wood floor?

braz. piece

brazilian chesnut

We chose the varied toned wood floors for his new home because he liked the color variations throughout. There is no right or wrong, it is what you like.

Speaking of floors, we visited the tile store last week. My suggestion to you, before you even walk in, is to call and make an appointment with someone that works at the store to help guide you along. We had four bathrooms to find tile flooring, shower walls, shower floor and accent tile for walls. It sounds overwhelming, but ask questions- What is your best selling tile? Do you have coordinating tile that works together in a group? What size tile is popular right now?:

ray tile

We loved the 12 x 24” tiles and decided to use in the kitchen and a couple of the bathrooms:

tile 12x24

Regarding trim and molding- Do not purchase what is in stock at the store without a plan! The salesman at the lumber yard tried to sell us something simple like this for the baseboard:

small trim


This is your chance to bring in more personality and elegance with wider baseboards:



large trim


There are so many different sizes and shapes in molding today. I suggest to go with a larger trim rather than the small builder trim they will use if you do not ask.

A question my client had today was what color for the bathroom fixtures should be used? Almond or bisque? No and no. White is the best choice for fixtures so that you do not call attention and see them. When you add a color in such as almond, then you have to work with the almond when selecting flooring and wall colors. White is best for bath sinks, tubs and toilets for a clean, uncluttered look.

white tub


We started looking at kitchen galleries in the local area yesterday. Ray and I are at different vantage points right now. He loves this:

stained kitchen

Which is pretty, but I am crazy for the white kitchens:

white kitchen

white kitchen 2

I asked the saleswoman which is more popular, white or stained cabinets, since the stores had both displayed equally and she told me that people who have white now, tend to want stained and visa versa. Interesting!

I did notice quite a few kitchens with a glazed finish:

glazed cabinets

I am not crazy about them and worry they will go out of style soon. What do you think readers?

I am having a great time with this project! Stay tuned for more updates and information. Thanks everyone!


  1. Totally agree with the white cabinets and bathroom fixtures, they all look so fresh and clean. When I see a white kitchen I immediately like it. It has “the look” – rich, refined, elegant and timeless. Stained cabinets may be fine for period houses but for newer homes white is so stylish. I had glazed white in my last house and doing soft white now – transitional style. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    • That is the look he keeps saying he wants- transitional style, but he is not going that way on different items. He almost had a meltdown in the store last week because I told him his interior doors were going to be white. πŸ™‚

  2. I too think glazed cabinets will lose their favor more quickly than either stained or painted.

    As for asking the salesperson at a store “What’s your best selling_____?” I would only do that to find out probably what I personally wouldn’t do. LOL! I don’t want my custom home (or my client’s) to look like everyone else’s. However if one is building and thinking towards a resale in say 5-10 years, then yes, use what’s ‘popular’.

    I totally agree with white bath fixtures Kelly πŸ™‚ Imagine having to work with blue, brown, yellow, pink, green, etc. that were popular at various times in the past!

    Very good article Kelly! Everyone who’s building should read this post. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  3. Both of these kitchens are beautiful. After having a my last kitchen be all white, it was more work to keep clean than I wanted to spend. But I think that half & half look would be a nice COMPROMISE (our husbands love that word, right?)

    • Compromise? What’s that? πŸ™‚ So you are saying white is a lot more work. That makes sense Beth. Never really thought of that. Are you going stained cabinets now?

  4. We are renting now and have 4-year-old maple cabinets. They are gorgeous and so much easier to keep up. The white looks great – for about two days. Granted, those were cheaper ones, not nice wood painted, but keeping them clean was a frequent job. And I only have occasional college-aged kids at home, so I couldn’t even blame them! Dust, grime, spatters – everything shows! But I’ve heard other women say they don’t mind them at all.

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