New Trend Predictions in Home Design for 2014

January 3, 2014


Happy New Year everyone! What new trends in home design will debut in 2014? We already know what color will be in our minds when shopping for accessories:


Love it or not, Radiant Orchid is the color of 2014.

When I was shopping in town the other day, I could not believe all the orchid hued clothes that are available. I bought an orchid cardigan and wanted to see what other colors it works well with:


Looks great with brown, white, blue, navy blue, cream, black and of course pinks.

And speaking of trending colors:

“Navy blue will be a big trend for 2014. I’m seeing a lot of the shade on the runways, on the streets, in editorials, in chic interiors… I actually think everyone will get it in 2014.” — Mark D. Sikes,

navy blue


I get it Mark! I have said this for two years now. Navy is the perfect color companion. It works with every color beautifully.

Paloma Contreras, states, “From rich, saturated colors like navy and indigo to bright, vibrant shades like peacock blue and cobalt, blue will continue to reign supreme in the coming year.” — Paloma Contreras,

blue teen bedroom


Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor, says turquoise will be everywhere this year. “Turquoise showed up in upholstery, wall coverings, and on furniture. And we’re talking deep and saturated, not pale and wimpy.”



What else are the industries predicting? One I strongly agree with is that homeowners want their new appliances more energy efficient:



According to CBS News, touchless faucets have skyrocketed in popularity. Not only are they easier when you’ve got your hands covered in kitchen mess, but they significantly cut down on water use — a savings homeowners will notice in their water bills.

Homeowners are also abandoning big master bathroom tubs that are costly to fill. They’re more interested in high-efficiency shower heads, toilets and sinks.



As far as kitchen and bathroom countertops go, factory-engineered quartz is the new granite. While granite has held strong as the most popular countertop material for more than a decade now, quartz is starting to overtake it.



It has the same look and feel as granite, but it’s more practical. Quartz is more durable, so it better resists cracking and chipping, and it is non-porous so it’s easier to clean and resists staining.

I also read macramé is making a come back! We will wait and see on that prediction.

Have you read any other decorating trends predicted for 2014? Do you agree with the blues being popular again this year?

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  1. Great post Kelly. I am a fan of everything but I am still warming up to radiant orchard.Not sure that color will be coming into my house in 2014 as I am more of a fan or muted gray purples.

  2. Nice post!
    I am seeing Radiant Orchid everywhere as well Kelly, even though it is not a color I gravitate to.. I did use it in a Vacant staging last week though and it did give the neutral room a huge pop!

  3. Actually we stayed in a beautiful, rather contemporary, hotel in Europe over Christmas where the wall color was a pale orchid with darker purple, black and silver being the accompanying colors. Hmmm…who’s following who? 🙂

    Personally I like lavender,orchid, etc. but it doesn’t look good on me for clothing choices. I’d certainly use it in a room though 🙂

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