New Home Projects Completed

April 25, 2020

We are happy with the way our living room is progressing:

Living Room

Living room Flowers

These color are so me- pinks and blues.  I have always loved blue since I was little. Can you tell I love raspberry too? 🙂

The walls you see in the above photos are much closer to the actual paint color. My friend helped me lighten to be more accurate.

Here is a Before::old living room

Living Room new

living new

These cherry blossom branches from the yard were beautiful! I just wish they lasted longer. Barely a week and I had to throw them out.

cherry blossoms

We also painted a bedroom accent wall. The room is just so big that I am making various ‘vignettes’ around the room . Remember I was looking for colors?:

bedroom before

bedroom testing

I am glad I tested because I thought Ben Moore Scenic Drive 697 would be the right choice, but after I compared with the next color on up paint strip, Pleasant Valley, it was a bit too dark. So Pleasant Valley 696, the lighter one, was the one we selected.

new bedroom

I love the new paint color with the bedding and especially with the dark wood of the bed:

bed close up2

bed close up

new bed

bedroom corner


And….Before we painted the laundry room:

before laundry

Laundry room after painting with Ben Moore Antique Glass:

new painted laundry room

Mike is out back cutting the shelving right now! Good job my man. haha

I hope you are all keeping safe. Crazy world right now. I have good days and I definitely have my bad days when I feel sad and hopeless and seem to cry over everything and anything.

Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you enjoyed!


Kelly xo


  1. I do love your new paint color in your living room. I have lots of blue in my L/R also, and want to change out the current paint color which is also blue. I have been looking at BM Muslin which has a subtle pink undertone but of course I can’t get the painters in right now due to the virus. I’m not up to painting myself but I am so tempted.

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