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August 8, 2015

Isn’t Summer going by so fast? I have been busy with home projects, color consultations and activities. I am excited to share that a few weeks ago, I was one of the designers who was interviewed for a local home construction project about to begin. They were looking for a designer to help them with all the color and design steps in the new home construction.



Guess who got the job? I did! Yay! It is like a dream job because I am in charge of picking all exterior and interior surfaces, colors, flooring, windows, rugs, tile etc.  I am so thrilled! Great opportunity. I will love sharing with you the different processes as we go through each stage.

blue prints


We are now scouting the neighborhoods for ideas and inspiration for the exterior stone veneer, siding, roofing and trim. The stone has to be chosen first, (the largest, most expensive item and least available) to start the color palette. Here were a few of my favorites from Houzz:

stone exterior

stone veneer

stone front

stone veneer2


Not sure if I love the taupe or gray better. What do you think? All beautiful examples.

I am finally painting my front door this weekend. I took forever deciding on a color and I  bet you all know what it is! I will share photos later this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I would choose the middle picture. There are several colors in the stones thereby giving more choices for trim paint, etc.

  2. Sorry with the 3rd comment. But ask the builder, why don’t they put the laundry room by the bedrooms. Makes a lot more sense to me. We designed our house & didn’t do it. Sure wish we did.

    • Thanks Robyn! This blue print is not the actual home I am working on. Just an example. But that is a Great idea about the laundry room and I will mention it!

  3. Robyn, while I think you are right about the laundry being near the bedrooms, I have heard people complain about the noise that they cause. I almost bought a house where the laundry was on the second floor, but I was worried about leaking or flooding. I bought a house with bedroom and laundry on the main floor (love it!), but within the first week of living here the front-loader flooded. I got rid of the front loader.

  4. Congratulations, Kelly. What a great opportunity for you and what a smart builder. Just curious – is that blueprint just the first floor or is that only a 1-bedroom house which I can’t imagine. Re the laundry room, I think one reason it’s usually off the garage is because families use it as a mudroom, a drop-off location or a temp storage location that can be closed off easily. Occasionally on HGTV, I’ve heard house hunters complain about potential noise of the machines in a laundry room placed next to a bedroom.

    I like pic #1 best because I just love that house. And the last pic would be my second favorite though not keen on the blue grey of the siding and the garage trim. Don’t care for the all-over “mud” look of the second house – too drab, and #3 with the sandy brick all over and the coppery driveway is overwhelming – way too busy and, first level at least, looks like a medieval castle that says “stay away” rather than “welcome”.

  5. Du-uh! Just saw the stairwell in the floorplan – my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. In this case, a laundry room near the downstairs master with a chute from the second floor could be neat although I’d still want a utility- type room off the garage.

  6. Congratulations Kelly! A great opportunity to use your design and color selecting skills. I prefer the first photo. The stone is a nice backdrop to the green in the lawn and landscaping.

  7. btw, I like the first and last house colors. But I have always been a fan of white and gray. I would drive right by a house that had tans and taupe colors.

  8. Congrats! Eager to see the outcome of this project. I’m building a house now and put the laundry room near master bedroom on first floor.(On some floor plans you have to zig-zag through the house). I can’t see carrying everything from one end of the house to the other, to load and then unload. I will have a second laundry room upstairs where there will be three bedrooms. Noise? well I don’t do laundry when I sleep.

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