My Fall Front Porch

September 25, 2016

The temperatures sure have dropped this past week in the Northeast. We even had a freeze warning last night! The trees are just beginning to change their colors:


This weekend I decided it would be a good time to start a little Fall decorating. I always seem to begin decorating outdoors first. Here is my front porch getting ready for Autumn:


A few of my Summer annuals are still looking good so I wanted to include them also:


So much fun playing around! I just gathered a few Fall colored items around the house and used them to help me make a cozy little outdoor reading area:


And look who came out to watch me!:


Nothing fancy, but I think it looks lovely. As the annuals die for the season, I can replace with baskets of white pumpkins and other Fall items:

front porch

front decorated porch


Hope you enjoyed! Have you started your Fall decorating? We all would love if you would send in a picture to share of your home!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Fall is a wonderful time of the year. Love the earthy colors and the cooler weather! Your front porch is lovely, enjoy in good health!

  2. Beautiful front porch. I have a fall throw that I’m going to put on bench on my porch. Your picture reminded me!
    I enjoy your photos and decorating ideas!
    Can you come to Florida and help me? LOL

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