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January 17, 2015

It seems I left out a few important popular Sherwin Williams paint colors in my list the other day. I received a few letters from readers suggesting other SW colors that I forgot to mention. Well, here are your favorites plus a few more of my own:

Sherwin Williams 7526, Maison Blanche:

sw maison blanche


In the photo below, the top of wall is Maison Blanche, bottom color is Nantucket Dune SW 7527:

sw maison


Very pretty color, especially with the blue!

SW 6106, Kilim Beige:

sw kilm beige


sw kilim beige


SW 7652, Mineral Deposit:

sw mineral deposit


Love this color on the ceiling:

sw mineral deposit2


SW 6204 Sea Salt:

sw sea salt


sw sea salt2


SW 6990, Caviar:

sw caviar


sw caviar2

 SW7024 Functional Gray:

sw gray


What a perfect geige paint color.

sw functional gray


SW 6479, Drizzle:

sw drizzle


sw drizzle2


And, how could I forget Accessible Beige?!:

SW 7036, Accessible Beige:

sw accessible beige


The paint color in the room behind is SW 6211,Rainwashed. Don’t the two colors look great together?

sw accessible beige2



I guess I did leave out a couple of great colors the first time around. Any other favorites you would like to add?


  1. All positively stunning! I generally recommend SW paint colors because we have two stores in our town…but only one somewhat inaccessible BM store.

    Sea Salt is so pretty! It’s very similar to the custom gray in our LR.

    These color all work so nicely in up-to-date fresh rooms.

  2. What are the outdoor colors on the home wih the porch and wood steps leading up to home? They are lovely. Thanks

  3. The exterior of the home under sw6479 drizzle looks lighter than the bedroom. Is that the same color? What is the blue accent on the awnings and ceilings?

  4. What about matching SW shell white 8917 to a Bm color? I love the deep warm greige whites. Any other suggestions? Thanks

  5. Kelly,
    I have a small bedroom facing west two large windows a lot of light.

    I’m looking for BM light green color that’ts not going to look blue or gray but a soft green.

    I tried sample of SW sea salt and Rainwashed they look blue on the walls

    Thinking of using BM OC-17 or BM OC-130
    On ceiling and trim any suggestions ?


    • Hi Trish,
      One of the first colors that comes to mind for a soft green is BM Guilford Green HC-116.Take a look and sample in your home to be sure you love it. A good trim color with it would be Cloud White OC-130.
      Hope this helps!

  6. What are the undertones of Nantucket Dune SW 7527. I have a north facing kitchen and I’m torn between this color and Kilim Beige SW 6106. Thank you

    • Hi Celia,

      The closest match to BM light pewter is SW 7647 Crushed Ice. The closest to Alabaster is SW 7004 Snowbound. Not the best match, I think the Snowbound is darker than Alabaster. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Susan,
      It is not the best match, but a close SW color is Niebla Azul 9137. The Yarmouth Blue is a bit more gray. Some of the colors just do not match up as well as others Hope you find this useful!

    • Hello,

      If you click the source link under the photo it will bring you to the room on Houzz. Here are the colors- The wall color is SW7036 Accessible Beige-Flat, the ceiling color(bottom of soffit and sides of coffer is SW7036, Accessible Beige flat and the top of coffer is SW6189 Opaline flat. The trim color is SW6385 Dover White satin.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Some of the colors are not the best matches. BM Cotton Balls is supposed to be close toSW7102 White Flour, but when comparing the two the White Flower has a lot more yellow in it than Cotton Balls. I would ask at the SW paint store if they have the correct formula to make the Cotton Balls. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Thank you for this site! I love SW Maison Blanche, but I’m concerned it may be too dark for the house I’m renovating. What is it’s match in BM, and do you ever advocate getting paints in % (e.g. 50%)?

  8. Hi Kelly,
    An earlier post asked if you knew the undertones of Nantucket Dune and I am curious as well. Trying to decide between SW Nantucket Dune, BM Grant Beige and SW Urban Putty.
    Also trying to find the right trim for any of them, the options are endless!

    Side notes, do you most often paint ceilings a lighter or different color?

    • Thanks for writing Jeri. I would love to help you sort through these colors and also find the perfect trim color and ceiling. If you would like to work together, I have an online color consulting service. Please email me [email protected] for more information. Thank you!

  9. Where can I find your first post on favorite colors?? I just bought a new house and I’m trying to decide on colors. I’m buying Nantucket Dune and you’ve talked me into be brave and going with the Sea Salt color in our guest room. Haha! I need to see your other favs please!

  10. Hi Kelly

    I plan on painting my cabinets, walls, ceiling, trim, SW shell white. Would it end up looking too creamy/yellow? I’m going for the monochromatic look to prevent yellower cabinets. If the doors remain pure white, would the contrast against shell white look too stark?

    Other than painting the walls shell white, Iv considered the other option of sherwin williams agreeable grey.

    My countertop is dallas white granite which is a white background with flecks of grey and cream. My backsplash is subway tile in the color desert grey. My flooring is light grey wood like tile.

    Would appreciate your insight.


    • Hi Merlyn,

      I would need to see photos of your kitchen before I could begin to help you choose the best color. If you would like to work together, send me an email and I will give you more details about my online color consulting services. Thank you for writing!

  11. Hi Kelly
    I am trying to decide between SW repose gray, SW agreeable gray, SW worldly gray or Sw alabaster. I have Cleveland taupe porcelain type with light wood trim in the entire house.
    What will be the best match?
    Thank you

    • Hi Barbara,

      If you meant Ben Moore’s Pristine, OC-75, there is no close match. The Sherwin Williams color does not compare well with Pristine. Sorry, all the colors do not work exchanging between Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams.

    • SW 6336 “Nearly Peach” is comparable to BM OC-75 “Pristine.” To my eye, and in my lighting, the chips look identical, though you’ll definitely want to try it out in your space.

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