More Design Tips From FLS & Market 2015

October 28, 2015

I wanted to wrap up my trip to North Carolina with a few more good tips and trends I learned.


I really enjoyed myself at FLS (FurnitureLand South). It is an ENOURMOUS place, but very well laid out by room and by manufacturer for the average shopper. They carry two of my favorite furniture lines, because of their excellent quality and price, Lexington Home and Huntington House.

lexington Home

Lexington Home

Beautiful furniture and accessories everywhere! I learned that FLS takes great pride in their customer service. They have designers on staff to help you with your shopping experience and they have a ‘white glove’ policy where your furniture will be delivered and put perfectly in place in your home. I always had assumed their prices were expensive and only for the wealthier clientele. They actually have every price budget you could want- from low to very high $$$. I was very impressed with their whole operation.

fls aquarium

This aquarium bed above was only $85,000.00! I don’t know if I could even sleep with that around my head! haha

I also visited a fabric distributor, Greenhouse Fabrics. In their workroom, they keep track of the top 500 fabric patterns by color:



Neutrals are way up in first place with blue in second and reds in third.

So what were my take-aways from my week in FLS and Market 2015?

* The trend toward bringing the outdoors inside is huge! A lot of accessories, lighting and tables shown were made from organic materials.

* Animal prints will continue to be popular.

* Gold fixtures and accessories are moving forward and we will be seeing quite a bit of them.

*  Metallic is popular in fabrics as well as embroidered fabrics.

* I noticed quite a bit of furniture from the 1950’s- Don Draper Style.

* Neutrals are still, and will continue to be homeowner’s choice for their living spaces.

* Grays and browns will be mixed frequently together in rooms.

* Turquoise is still very popular in furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

* Grays are still very popular especially mixed with warm taupes and creams.

Are any of these points a surprise to you? I hope you have learned something new and can use this information for your home planning and future purchases.


  1. So happy the mid century modern design, aka Don draper will still be around I think that’s classic! I also love turquoise and will be using that as my accent colour throughout our home, thanks for the inside scoop!

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