Mixing Metallics In Home Decor

November 19, 2015

A reader friend recently wrote me asking,

“Hi Kelly,

Hey when you were at market, did they talk about using mixed metals being trendy still?  I know some people think it’s awful; some think it’s OK. Personally, I think if done well, it’ll work.”

Great question! From what I saw at Highpoint here, mixing gold and silver together is still very much on trend!

gold and silver


I think mixing metallics in home decorating will continue for quite a while. It’s fun and a lot less stuffy than all gold or silver in a space!:


mixed metals


With a color palette of neutrals, which was very popular at the Market:



Mixing different finishes is encouraged because it gives the room movement and texture instead of looking flat:

mix metal


So, you were correct my friend! It might not be for everyone, but it is still very much on trend. I think it adds interest and a more layered look in a room, don’t you agree?:



What do you think everyone? Love it or Lose it? If you want to introduce in your home, start with small accessories. Just do not go over the top! Easy with the bling.

Thanks for the great question Connie!


  1. I think the key word is “mixing”. Remember how Maria Killam always talks about repeating a color somewhere in the room, particularly when you are working with shades of white. I think metals are the same. Everything chrome and one gold piece can look like an “oops” but coordinated and planned as in the pix above can look very classy and elegant.

  2. Oh Kelly the photos you used to showcase the mixed metals look are truly fabulous! Great inspiration and great way to show us all that it does add an element of fun & excitement to a room. Thank you!….Now to work on my guest room redo with that in mind 😉

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