Making Ready Made Window Treatments Better

April 30, 2014


I know we would all love to be able to afford custom window treatments for all of our windows. But I also know that is not practical or affordable for many of us.

A trick I have learned is when purchasing ready made curtains from the store, always buy double. Most all ready made window treatments are only 50-60 inches wide. Yes, they will cover your window according to the measurements, but it just does not look right. They will look store bought (and cheaper) because they are so flimsy:


Do you see how thin they look?:


But if you buy double panels for each side and sew the two panels together, you will have a nice width of 100-120 inches:


They look soooo much better. And yes, it is a little more expensive, but imagine how much more custom window treatments would cost.


Do you double up on your window treatments? Don’t you love the fullness of them? Beautiful!

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  1. I sure do, especially if the drapes are going to be moveable. If they’re installed as stationary, sometimes I don’t. Great illustration Kelly. Thank you 🙂

  2. I totally agree, Kelly. When I found some unbelievably perfect citron panels on clearance, I bought everyone I could get my hands on and ended up with 7 pair, 2 pair on the sliding glass door to the patio and the other 5 on the adjacent 8′-wide LR window. Would have gotten more if I could have found them anywhere. Makes all the difference in the world.

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