Loving San Diego

August 22, 2015

I stayed in Carlsbad, CA, (which is 10 minutes south of San Diego) last week for the first time ever. I LOVED it! I really enjoyed my visit there.


I loved the little town villages along the ocean, the weather and of course the beaches:

beach long

Miles and miles of gorgeous white sand beaches! Just park on the side of road and you are there:

beach wide

We started almost everyday with a cup of coffee on the beach= #pureheaven:


I thought it was so cool that I was in RI swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and the next week I was swimming in the Pacific!



I could not wait to visit the San Diego Zoo. I was not disappointed. Exhibits were beautiful, clean and had quite a variety of animals:

baby orangatan




I have never seen an elephant with tusks before.

I think the birds were the prettiest because of their colors:



The colors look like they were painted on the flamingos!




blue bird


The guy in the back was the boss. Very humanlike and in charge. There was a baby chimp too:


chimp close

I was really looking forward to see the Gorilla Exhibit. But it was pretty sad to me. I was not even sure if I would post a picture, but I thought you would like to see:


He was trying to hide I think. Here he is close up:

gorilla close

Lots of bears:



I thought this program was great:


I would love to see them working together!

Last pictures of the zoo:



So cute! I hope you have enjoyed. Come back tomorrow to see pictures of my day at Venice Beach. What a trip that was!

bearded lady

Too many pictures to share.

I saw this in Carlsbad Village painted on the wall:


So beautiful don’t you think?

Thanks everyone!


  1. Wow! What an exciting trip you had! Thanks for sharing your pictures and info about the trip – it’s nice for those of us who have never been there! Thanks again for your generous and kind spirit!

  2. Hi Kelly!
    I submitted a post but it didn’t go through. Just wanted to say thanks for the great pics – and I agree, the colors nature puts together are amazing! Loved your birds and the beautiful mural for Cecil.
    Looking forward to seeing some more!

  3. Beautiful photos. So glad you enjoyed your trip. It’s always sad to see the primates in captivity. Love the Cecil mural. Thanks for sharing.

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