Lovely Coventry Gray

November 12, 2013



I have a new favorite paint color and the name is Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC- 169. This beautiful soft gray with blue undertones just seems to work perfectly in so many different spaces:



bm coventry gray1


A few months ago, I helped my daughter choose paint colors for her bedroom and we ended up with Coventry Gray because it was so pretty and perfect:


It works well in the bedroom:



A beautiful color for an office:



The bath:



And gorgeous for a dining room color:



Coventry Gray is one of the few colors that works as well with stained wood as white woodwork:



So have I convinced you what a beautiful color Coventry Gray is? Be sure to take a look at this color next time you are looking for the perfect wall color in your home.

If you need help selecting paint colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. Good morning, Kelly! I must say, Coventry Gray is a color I rarely specify. I have used a couple of time in boys’ room – who ONLY seem to want grays and blues, by the way. I think you have to have a pretty modern vibe to your home to pull it off without it feeling a bit cold. Looked like it turned out beautifully for your daughter’s room!

  2. It’ such a beautiful colour. I’m already wondering where I can use it. And I agree with the above comments…looks great with the white and it was so nice to see it in so many different rooms.

  3. I am having to repaint/redo my kitchen after 17 years of wallpaper… do you think this would be a good color for a kitchen that opens into a family area? Or is it too sophisticated for a kitchen?

  4. I am painting a living room that has black wood floors, white trim, and BM Nantucket Gray in the adjoining entryway. I put up a test spot of the Coventry Gray, but because of the northern exposure of this room, it comes off as being too blue. What color would you suggest that is similar, but a tad bit warmer? I want gray, but something different enough from the greenish gray of the Nantucket Gray so as not to compete with the next room. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

      • Hi Kelly,
        Thank you so much for the reply and lovely suggestion! Grant beige would look so nice with the weathered oak furniture and sea grass rugs in that room, as well as complement the travertine floors in the hallway/entryway. How will it look in shadows? I have many windows in the room, but northern light. If I wanted to bring a tad more driftwood gray to the creamy neutral such as Grant Beige, might Camouflage or Gray Mirage work as well for a comparison? Or would those look too muddy? I have a lot of pale spruce and mussel blue colors in my fabrics and on the shelves. I want there to be a noticeable difference between the Nantucket Gray, as that color covers a huge surface area of wall space in the adjoining hallways, kitchen and entryway. Thank you for your advice!

  5. I am planning on using Coventry Gray in my family room. I love it! I wanted to do Grandma’s China for Ceiling, but it does not come in flat. Any suggestions?

    Marscapone for woodwork and Crown Molding?

  6. Kellie love your style and would love your opinion . My family room and halls are Benjamin Moore Dijon
    I painted ten years ago when that color was popular.

    I can only paint one room so I am doing my kitchen. You barely see into the family room
    Would love some suggestions
    My granite has tones of black. Gray and tan I was thinking fictional gray Would love ideas

  7. I know this is an old post, but I am trying to figure out which gray to use to repaint my kitchen and family room. The cabinets are cream with a slightly darker glaze and oil rubbed bronze hardware. Black granite countertops and island.
    I would like to go with gray walls, Linen White trim and Hale Navy as my accent. Do these work well together along with my cream cabinets? Any other suggestions?

    • I would have to look at all your options Sue. I don’t think a light gray/blue would work best with your cream cabinets. A light gray/blue is cool- cream is warm. Maybe a gray with green undertones? Write me an email Sue with picture if possible if you want me to help.

    • Complementary color of gray are navy blue, black and white. I also like brown with gray. Complementary colors are across the color wheel so are supposed to be high contrast. Is that what you are looking for for your bath? Hope this helps Vicki.

  8. Hi! We have painted our cabinets in the Kitchen Coventry Gray and now I need to select a wall paint color. The floor is a light gray/white tile. Thank you!

  9. Hi Kelly – I am looking for a Ben Moore color for two bathrooms. One is for a small guest 1/2 bath (no windows). Counter top is white quartz and floor is light gray and white. Have vibrant aqua blue accessories already so would like to continue to use them. Second bath is master bath (1 window). White tile shower to ceiling, med/dark gray tile floor, white & gray & silver sparkly countertop; all chrome faucets, etc. This bath is off short hallway (BM 836 Sea View) and bedroom (BM 839 Old Blue Jeans) – both colors that I love). Thanks!

  10. Hello, I also have chosen Coventry gray cabinets, was thinking Alpaca Sherwin William for walls. It is a wide open floor plan with white quartz granite with some gray lines striking through and a gray white porcelain shiny tile. Not sure If this colour would work. Also thinking of doing dark gray dining chairs and then liven it up with island stools in a blue? Thoughts? Thanks

    • Hi Melissa,

      SW Alpaca would work well with the Coventry Gray. I put the colors together and they make a nice combo. Good idea with the darker chairs and stools in blue. I think it will look beautiful all together!

  11. Hi Kelly,
    Just moved into a new home that has black and grey tile for floors in the kitchen and living room open floor plan. The kitchen cabinets are white with black countertops. The walls at the moment are white. We are going to paint but not sure what color. We have a northern exposure. I love grays and blues. My fear is the room looking too cold. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Kathleen,

      I agree- you do not want too cool of a color for walls. What about a medium gray such as Ben Moore Storm AF-700? BM Dior Gray 2133-40 is also a beautiful gray. One more to look at- BM Smoke Embers AC-28. Will look beautiful with white and black. Good luck!

  12. love coventry gray and using it for the exterior of my house….need to pick a white for the trim….there’s a lot of it so want to make sure i pick the right one….thoughts??? thx!!!

  13. I used Conventry Gray in my family room and Stonington grey for my kitchen and morning room. All the rooms are open. I want to do a Navy Blue accent wall in the family room. Which navy blue color would you suggest?

  14. I’m planning on using Coventry Gray in my livingroom which has a triple northeast facing window and a second sheltered southwest window. The entryway adjacent is gray wisp with raindance ceiling. I’m using white dove as the trim which includes a mantle/fireplace, crown molding and baseboard (house is about 90 years old). We just added 8 led downlights and there are sconces at the fireplace and plenty of lamps – I’m looking for a ceiling color – I don’t really like white ceilings. I’ve narrowed it down to Wickham gray, palladian blue, yarmouth blue and woodlawn blue but would welcome any other suggestion. The room is about 13×26.

  15. We are painting our 200 year old farmhouse in coventry grey exterior. What colors would work with our shutters? I was thinking of a darker charcoal or a deep teal blue. I want it to look striking, yet welcoming.

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