Kitchen Window Makeover

May 3, 2016

I am working with a client online helping with her kitchen redesign:


marsha before kitchen

We have worked on many home projects together over the years. She recently wrote, “ My next project is our kitchen.  It is stuck in the 80’s and desperately needs an update!” I think it looks very pretty and just needs a little refreshing. I will share the whole project with you which includes new paint colors, flooring, lighting,  granite countertops and backsplash when the room is completed soon.

For now, I wanted to show you her existing window treatments:

marsha window beforeI asked her if I could use her photo as an example and she said that it was fine. I wanted to point out that the upper window valance was in style a few years back, but now is considered a dated look. But don’t worry- because it is such an easy fix!

Option one- If you just take the valance down and leave the window bare, the room will look better right away! Open windows are classic- plus more sunlight is let into the room!

bare window


There are also a couple other options I am going to suggest for her windows. Option two is roman shades:

marsha roman shade


pb roman


Option three- I think window curtain panels would be an ideal choice. She has the room on the wall and it would be an opportunity to bring in color and softness with fabric:

marsha curtain


marsha wt


marsha window


Gorgeous! Remember when buying curtain panels, it is usually best to double their width by sewing two panels together for each side. You can read more details here.

These are just a few examples to use instead of a window valance. Maybe you should hang on to them- they will probably be back in style in a few years!

I will keep you updated on our progress in the kitchen! Thanks for stopping by!









  1. I agree about the gathered valances looking outdated. All your suggestions for a new look are wonderful. Sometimes just taking the old valances off and making them into ‘straight’ valances, instead of a gathered version, updates the look…providing the fabric is in good condtion and doesn’t look outdated itself. 😉

    I jokingly call valances “eye brow curtains”. LOL!

  2. I can’t wait to see this one when you are done. We just moved into a townhouse with similar cabinets. I am staining them now, but they still look “dated” to me. I love the Roman shade in the kitchen though. I think it is classy.

  3. These are all beautiful ideas Kelly! It will be difficult to decide. Thankfully I have your excellent design help to guide me thru this remodel. ?

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